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Why choose Oracle Marketing vs. Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Top reasons to choose Oracle Marketing for your martech stack

Marketers need tools designed for marketers. It isn't easy to optimize marketing with tools designed for CRM and sales integrations. We've asked our customers why they chose to partner with Oracle for their digital marketing. Some of the reasons they cited are:


Customer 360 across front- and back-office

Simplify and consolidate all of your data sources into a dynamic customer profile. Connect individual identities across devices, channels, and domains. Use advanced privacy and identity controls to refine a unified, accessible profile. Enrich your customer profiles with more than 50,000 prebuilt, intelligent attributes based on your business needs. Oracle Unity exposes customer behaviors and enables marketers to better understand customer intent and target relevant messaging to the right groups.


Marketers need content management

Campaign specialists can waste more than 25% of their time trying to find or replicate content for campaign production. Most companies struggle to deliver consistent content across channels, leading to a disconnected experience. Oracle Content Management seamlessly integrates your content across all of your Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) applications and to Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, iOS, macOS, and Windows. With Oracle Marketing, you can deliver the most relevant content to each customer with every interaction.


Intelligent ABM and lead management

Leverage Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation for your B2B marketing, and deliver account-based marketing experiences that are adaptive to stakeholder behaviors, extensible and reliable over time, and built on a data-first foundation. Deliver timely, personalized messages, expand your reach to engage new customers, and leverage insights to grow advocates. Select and prioritize your top tier accounts and create stakeholder specific content.


Dynamic personalization made easy

Build intelligent, personalized, and dynamic campaigns that cater to the preferences of each customer. Oracle Marketing solutions deliver timely personalization with data processed in real time during a launch, instead of refreshing the sending list in Salesforce before deploying your campaign with stale data.


Predictable, simplified pricing

Many Salesforce customers struggle to understand their fluctuating monthly expenses and build custom Super Message calculations to control budgets. Prices appear to increase with complexity and maturity. Pricing with Oracle is simple and predictable; you can expect to pay by the interaction or the contact. Instead of calculating your number of messages and monthly expenditures, you can focus on creating campaigns that reach your customers.


Native loyalty

Connect your B2C campaign management in Oracle Responsys Campaign Management directly to your loyalty campaign management in Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement. Improve customer retention, increase purchase frequency, and deepen customer relationships through personalized customer loyalty and reward programs. Our loyalty and engagement solution helps you personalize loyalty campaigns and relevant reward programs that drive continued customer engagement and increased customer spending.


Responsive customer journeys

Take journey building into your own hands and stop paying extra to automate customer experiences. With Oracle, you can build, maintain, optimize, and evaluate cross-channel customer journeys that respond to customer behaviors in the moment. Our connected suite of marketing solutions make it easy to test, edit, and evaluate results.


Actionable campaign performance reports

Evaluate campaign performance quickly, easily, and in greater detail with native reporting built into every Oracle Marketing application. Measure your success with in-line performance metrics, KPIs, prebuilt and custom dashboards, and real-time analytics. Develop a deeper understanding of each customer interaction and identify opportunities for improvement.

Move forward on the path to CX data excellence.

Customer experience begins with data

Get to know Oracle B2C Marketing (1:45)

Data allows you to identify your customers, personalize your campaigns based on preferences, and react in real time with relevant information for each customer interaction.

Salesforce understands the value of data as they have been promising a “single source of truth” for years. In reality, they limit users to 500K unified profiles and charge additional Super Message expenses for every message sent to a contact.

Oracle simplifies CDP pricing based on profiles and doesn’t put limits on how many profiles you can unify. Current Unity Customer Data Platform customers have connected more than 100 million profiles across marketing, sales, service, and commerce. That’s more than 20 times the maximum number of profiles that Salesforce’s Customer 360 Audiences can manage.

Develop a true, unified view of each customer by connecting your data, intelligence, and experiences in a global compute layer. Access to Oracle Advertising provides your business with the data tools to best run all facets of your business that touch the customer. Our data lake centralizes and unifies data, and Oracle ID Graph helps you create accurate individual customer profiles. Machine learning and AI processes then surface actionable customer insights based on signals they provide.

Don’t spend time and resources integrating data into your various systems—or integrating disparate systems. Use that data effectively across all stages of the customer journey, with Oracle Marketing.

Discover Oracle Marketing in these self-guided product tours.

Oracle Content Management offers you a superior CMS

Oracle Content Management overview video (1:30)

Oracle Content Management offers you CMS as a service across your applications. Connect the data, insights, and experiences driven by your CX applications to the most relevant content and minimize the cost of recreating and finding relevant content. Unlike Salesforce, Oracle Content Management automatically tags images and other content for ease of discovery and reuse. During content creation, Oracle’s smart content machine learning recognizes content intent and automatically recommends images for inclusion. Oracle Content Management supports video creation, curation, editing, workflow, publishing, and streaming within a single solution.

Salesforce offers no comparable platform for video creation or editing and relies on third-parties for streaming, increasing complexity and cost. Oracle Content Management integrates natively with Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, iOS, macOS, and Windows, making it easy to manage content in the applications you use frequently. Oracle Content Management also includes an embeddable UI, which allows the functionality of the application to be exposed in other third-party or custom developed applications. Salesforce only offers a web UI.

Experience the breath of capabilities that only Oracle can offer—a single repository for content and digital assets, providing digital asset management (DAM), document management, website creation and delivery, headless API framework, AI/machine-learning–based smart content and authoring features, glass-to-glass video capabilities, and out-of-the-box integrations—all in a single package.

Oracle offers a complete cloud stack — infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, application components, and fully integrated experience applications. Compared with other vendors we evaluated, Oracle shows strength in omnichannel experience management, automation and AI, and developer tools and support. It also has strength in search, content creation, and content hub.

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Platforms, Q3 2021

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Video: Deliver personalized campaigns with Oracle Marketing

Personalize messages, optimize send times, deliver the best offer for each campaign, predict and measure your performance, nurture leads, create and manage loyalty programs, and more—all with Oracle Marketing.

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Combine customer data from offline, online, and third-party datasources to create a dynamic, single, and real-time view of each customer with Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform.

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