Why choose Oracle Marketing vs. Adobe Experience Cloud and Marketo?

Top reasons to choose Oracle Marketing for your martech stack


Improve your campaign response time

Eliminate the choke points that slow down your business. With Oracle, you can create, manage, and launch marketing campaigns on your schedule. Oracle Marketing applications are open, extensible, and built for growth. Integrate sales and marketing across all of your CRM instances, extend your data object model, and reduce the high costs associated with restrictive API integrations. In contrast, Adobe customers are often faced with scalability and extensibility issues and restricted API integrations that can result in delayed campaigns and missed business opportunities.


Simplify your campaign creation

Take the complexity out of campaign creation with Oracle Marketing. Unlike Adobe, Oracle Marketing offers you a single interface with powerful program builders and visual flow editors to help you build, maintain, optimize, and evaluate cross-channel customer journeys to respond to your customers in real time.


Depend on accurate and dynamic lead scoring

Stop relying on inaccurate lead scores with Adobe, which can often result in increases to your cost per lead. With Oracle, leads are scored dynamically, in real time, based on customer profile and engagement data. Oracle’s flexible scoring model provides you with the most recent and relevant customer insight across multiple campaigns for higher quality sales leads.


Focus on the most important digital channel: Email

Creative content is meaningless if your marketing automation platform cannot generate engagement and revenue. Adobe’s complex architecture of on-premises and cloud components prevents marketers from personalizing email content at scale. Oracle combines content with industry-leading campaign and design editors so you can easily create rich, relevant content that is personalized, no matter the size of the campaign.


Engage, convert, and expand your top accounts

Easily view a customer’s profile and propensity to buy using Oracle account-based marketing solutions. Unlike Adobe, Oracle Marketing was built with a data-first foundation that adapts to stakeholder behaviors and is extensible over time. Oracle Marketing can help you implement an account-based marketing strategy to:

  • Select and prioritize your top tier accounts quickly and effectively
  • Expand your reach and create stakeholder-specific content
  • Provide timely, personalized engagement to the right influencer
  • Leverage insights to grow advocates for repeat sales

Grow native loyalty

Adobe approaches loyalty management by simply using their marketing automation tools as the basis for growing customer relationships.1 Oracle recognizes that customer engagement and loyalty is, and should be, more than that. Oracle CrowdTwist refines segments and tier levels to help you personalize loyalty campaigns and reward programs to improve customer engagement. With Oracle, you can improve customer retention, increase purchase frequency, and deepen customer relationships through personalized customer loyalty and reward programs.


A clean, 360-degree customer view across systems

Simplify and consolidate data sources to create a single, complete, accurate view of your customer. Oracle Unity connects individual identities across devices, channels, and domains using advanced privacy and identify controls—without restrictive API integration and limits. Expose customer behaviors to better understand customer intent and target relevant messaging to the right groups.

Move forward on the path to CX data excellence.

Customer experience begins with data

Get to know Oracle B2C Marketing (1:45)

Activate and manage your customer data because every memorable customer experience begins with data. Data allows you to identify your customers, personalize based on preferences, understand intent, and provide necessary details for machine learning and intelligence. Data managed correctly allows you to react in real time with relevant information for each customer interaction.

Develop a true, unified view of each customer by connecting your data, intelligence, and experiences in a global compute layer. At Oracle, we are known as the vendor of choice for data. We started as a data company and have continued to invest in data over the past 40 years.

Don’t spend time and resources integrating data into your various systems or integrating disparate systems. Instead, we can help you use data effectively across all stages of the customer journey.

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Oracle Content Management offers you a superior CMS

Oracle Content Management overview video (1:30)

Oracle Content Management offers you CMS as a service across your applications. Connect the data, insights, and experiences driven by your CX applications to the most relevant content and minimize the cost of recreating and finding relevant content. Unlike Adobe, Oracle Content Management automatically tags images and other content for ease of discovery and reuse. During content creation, Oracle’s smart content machine learning recognizes content intent and automatically recommends images for inclusion. Oracle Content Management supports video creation, curation, editing, workflow, publishing, and streaming within a single solution.

Adobe offers no comparable platform for video creation or editing and relies on third parties for streaming, increasing complexity and cost. Oracle Content Management integrates natively with Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, iOS, macOS, and Windows, making it easy to manage content in the applications you use frequently. Oracle Content Management also includes an embeddable UI, which allows the functionality of the application to be exposed in other third-party or custom-developed applications.

Experience the breath of capabilities that only Oracle can offer—a single repository for content and digital assets, providing digital asset management (DAM), document management, website creation and delivery, headless API framework, AI/machine-learning–based smart content and authoring features, glass-to-glass video capabilities, and out-of-the-box integrations—all in a single package.

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