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Simplify marketing campaign management

Oracle Responsys Campaign Management provides an easy-to-use interface to develop, test, analyze, and optimize your marketing campaigns. It’s the hub for all your cross-channel marketing initiatives. Digital marketers use Responsys Campaign Management for email marketing, audience targeting and segmentation, cross-channel customer journey orchestration, testing and optimization, analytics, and more.

Email marketing

How do I design an email?

Make it easy for every member of your marketing team to build out and collaborate on campaigns. Email Message Designer uses a drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG interface that reduces your dependence on IT, enabling you to build responsive, modular email templates. Set simple dynamic content rules that reference your campaign content and personalize messages for your audience. Advanced users have the option to code from scratch to leverage advanced functionality.

How do I build a customer journey?

Program Designer within Oracle Responsys is a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to arrange and direct simple or sophisticated customer journeys.

Responsys email message designer
Figure 1: Email Message Designer

Campaign management

What different channels of engagement and cross-channel marketing are supported?

How do I create a campaign?

Easily establish all critical settings for cross-channel campaigns from the same user friendly Campaign Message Designer. Manage all creative, segmentation, targeting, and other important elements without relying on technical experts.

What is app cloud infrastructure?

Connect any new experience with apps. Oracle’s application framework provides the extensibility needed to connect Responsys Campaign Management to any unique channel that your customers use. Make your choice from an apps marketplace designed to support marketing needs—or create your own.

responsys content marketing
Figure 2: Campaign Message Designer

Content management

How can I simplify content management within my production processes?

The internal content management library In Oracle Responsys provides a central asset repository to ensure your entire team has access. The content can then be used in campaigns in different ways. You can use dynamic content rules for personalization—only showing certain content to customers who meet specific criteria—or in reusable content blocks, making it easy to reuse content in future campaigns.

Distributed collaboration

Can we work remotely as a team on a marketing campaign?

Features within Oracle Responsys make it easy to work together, even when you’re not together. User roles can grant or restrict access to capabilities, functionalities, and sensitive data. Production workflows foster collaboration by ensuring everything is assigned and approved by the right stakeholder. Template access rules ensure that marketing team members only edit the correctly designated campaign assets.

distributed collaboration
Figure 3: Collaboration Process Designer

Data management

What is data management and why is it important?

Data management is the practice of collecting, keeping, and using data securely, efficiently, and cost effectively. It’s vital for digital marketing, particularly for precise segmentation, targeting, and personalization. To ensure every customer interaction is relevant, customer preferences and behaviors must be maintained as close to real time as possible.

You can also leverage Responsys Campaign Management’s capabilities to proactively address data security issues. Personally identifiable information (PII) fields can be redacted and hidden when customer privacy is critical.

How do I ensure data compliance?

Responsys Campaign Management provides the tools to facilitate data compliance management.

Targeting and segmentation

How do I build an audience for a campaign?

Audience assembly begins with filtering data to select groups of customers. For simple data relationships, a drag-and-drop tool is available for querying data.

Filter Designer lets you select customers that meet specified criteria—for example, customers who live in a given state or are a certain gender. Up to eight criteria can be used in a filter in tandem, and those filters can be merged to develop highly precise audiences using "and," "or," and "minus" operators. For example, you can filter for customers who live in San Francisco or New York and are above the age of 25 but minus those who have not purchased within the past three months. For complex scenarios, SQL can be used to sort data or join groups together.

Audience Designer is a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to combine filters to form larger customer groups. Simple "and" and "or" operators allow groups to be included or excluded based on your campaign’s goals.

How do I create a customer segment?

The segmentation of customer groups is critical for message personalization and for evaluating campaign performance. Segments can easily be created in Oracle Responsys using the Create Segment Group feature within the Profile Lists toolset. Once created, segments can be referenced for personalization and analysis.

responsys targeting
Figure 4: Audience Designer

Cross-channel customer journey orchestration

How do I develop a cross-channel customer journey?

Program Designer uses an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that lets you design cross-channel journeys across email, SMS, push, web etc. for other standard and specialized channels.

Initiate a customer journey by scheduling a filter or query view, capturing an audience, using customer behavioral triggers, or with AI-enriched audience selection. Build customer journeys that respond in real time to customer behaviors, launch campaigns at specified times, or even optimize launches through the use of AI. Pause and edit customer journeys without losing active audiences. Easily update and maintain journeys with a simplified interactive summary view.

How do I simplify complex automations?

The catch and throw feature enables you to "throw" journey-specific customer data between disconnected customer journeys. This reduces the complexity of multistage automations, while retaining the most relevant customer personalization data for every experience.

responsys intelligent switch
Figure 5: Program Designer

Testing and Optimization

How do I ensure I’m launching the best version of a campaign?

Testing optimizes marketing campaigns. Oracle Responsys’ subject line predictions use predictive modeling to determine which subject line will be the most engaging, driving the most clicks and opens. Send time optimization works toward the same goal, using intelligence to determine the best time to send a message to maximize those metrics.

A/B testing is the most basic way to identify customer preferences or interests. Multivariate testing involves more complexity but can improve personalization for every member of your audience. Machine learning provides an opportunity to evaluate data that most marketers don’t consider, offering an opportunity to individualize every message.

What is multivariate testing and how can I use it?

Multivariate testing is A/B testing with more variation. Rather than testing two variations of a single campaign element, multivariate testing iterates multiple criteria within a campaign.

You can test up to eight variations of a campaign element to understand which version of a campaign performs best across a given customer segment(s), driving clicks, opens, and engagement. For example, permutations of two different subject lines, two hero images, and two friendly “from” addresses.

testing and optimization
Figure 6: Oracle Responsys testing capabilities


How do I analyze campaign performance?

Analytics in Responsys Campaign Management allows you to drill down into reports at the campaign and program levels, gleaning insights into what’s driving performance. Choose prebuilt reports or build custom reports to highlight critical metrics. In-line campaign analytics and in-line program analytics help measure revenue by purchase segment across channels and campaigns.

Figure 7: Oracle Responsys analytics

Advanced intelligence

What about AI for marketing automation and campaign management?

Your customers want to be reached when, where, and how they prefer. Oracle Responsys’ embedded AI capabilities lets you do that with ease.

Simplify targeting and segmentation with easy-to-use intelligent segments to build audiences and personalize messages and journeys. Optimize customer journeys and simplify customer journey production with features that optimize send time, channel, and offer. Leverage look-alike modeling to target more customers who are likely to convert.

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Key benefits – Responsys Campaign Management

  • Consistently provide the most relevant, personalized experience to boost engagement and revenue while reducing churn
  • Drive efficiency within your marketing organization by producing more campaigns in less time, with fewer resources
  • Better understand your customers with advanced analytics and connect with them where, when, and how they prefer
  • Identify growth opportunities by understanding key drivers of performance
  • Empower your marketing teams with advanced campaign management production functionality, capabilities, and usability

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Additional capabilities

  • Campaign production
  • Improved deliverability
  • Secure collaboration
  • Professional services
  • Audience designer
  • Detailed campaign analytics
  • Real-time personalization
  • Personalized mobile marketing
  • Browser push
  • Customer journey orchestration
  • Oracle CX Mobile SDK
  • Test outcome design
  • Expansive multivariate testing
  • Prebuilt reports
  • Campaign revenue insights
  • Purpose-built AI
  • Campaign and program canvases
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Email designer
  • Content blocks
  • Dynamic content
  • Forms
  • Asset management
  • Targeting and segmentation
  • Integrations and AppCloud Marketplace
  • Prebuilt reports and dashboards
  • Send-time optimization
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Professional services