Why choose Oracle Eloqua vs. Adobe Marketo Engage?

Top 5 reasons to choose Oracle Eloqua for your marketing automation needs


Data model flexibility that drives efficiency and growth

Gain control of your data and grow your marketing initiatives with Oracle Eloqua’s flexible and extensible, real-time data model. Easily aggregate data from all sources, integrate with multiple CRM instances, and leverage unlimited API calls.

Marketo customers, on the other hand, are often faced with data model limitations, due to manual data syncs between solutions, restrictive APIs, and Marketo’s inability to integrate with more than just one CRM instance1—all of which can result in more environments to manage and delayed campaigns and business opportunities.


Less complexity allows for more engaging cross-channel campaigns

Oracle Eloqua takes the complexity out of campaign creation. Eloqua helps you easily create, change, and manage campaigns based on marketing best practices, using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

With Eloqua, you can visualize your entire customer experience from beginning to end, quickly identifying bottlenecks and making real-time changes without sacrificing customer experiences. On the other hand, with Adobe Marketo, it’s difficult to visualize what the complete journey looks like because you are limited to one workflow per campaign2.


Dynamic lead scoring drives the right message, at the right time

Stop relying on inaccurate lead scores that prevent you from reaching a prospect with the right message. Unlike Marketo, leads coming from Oracle Eloqua are scored dynamically—in real time—based on customer profile and engagement data.

With Eloqua, you have a deeper understanding of when your customers are ready to buy3. Our flexible scoring model gives you the most recent and relevant customer insights across multiple campaigns for higher quality sales leads.


Native design editors to create compelling content

Save time and resources with reusable content blocks that can be saved, repurposed, and edited across multiple teams. With Oracle Eloqua, you can streamline your content creation process with native design editors to create emails, landing pages, and forms. And further personalize your customers’ experience with dynamic content that adapts to the individual viewing it.


Reporting tools to measure campaign performance

Measuring business impact requires a real-time view of campaign performance. Oracle Eloqua’s true business intelligence platform provides real-time insights and customizable reporting tools to measure the results from your marketing efforts, including campaign and email analysis, account engagement metrics, and closed loop reporting.

Unfortunately for Marketo users, Adobe’s solution limits the number of users who have reporting capabilities. Marketo also lacks the flexibility to create custom reports—unless you also purchase Adobe’s Bizible add-on4.

Move forward on the path to CX data excellence.

Oracle Eloqua: A best-in-class marketing automation platform

Create and manage cross-channel marketing campaigns that nurture leads across each stage of the buying process with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation. By unifying and connecting customer data from all sources in Oracle Eloqua, you can respond to your buyers’ signals with orchestrated campaigns to engage and convert your customers at the right time, every time.

Experience the breadth of capabilities that Oracle Eloqua can offer, all in a single package designed to support and grow with your business.

  • Adapt to experiences based on buyer activity—in real time
  • Manage and create compelling emails, landing pages, and forms
  • Segment and target the right buyers by creating rich customer profiles
  • Improve the quality of email engagement and manage your key accounts
  • Drive revenue using the strongest lead management tools to capture intent
  • Connect data from multiple sources for one-to-one engagement
  • Accurately track and measure marketing impact
  • Identify, prioritize, and track high-value leads

Take an interactive tour of Oracle B2B Marketing

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Video: Oracle B2B Marketing video demo (2:29)

Oracle Eloqua is the magic linchpin for all of our B2B marketing efforts.

Hannah Kranich, Director of Demand Generation, Dow Jones

See the product: Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

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