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Oracle Service Center

Give contact center agents all the information they need and the ability to manage interactions from across channels in a single interface. Oracle Service Center consolidates customer data across digital channels into a unified agent desktop that empowers your agents with context, improving agent efficiency.

Oracle Service Center
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Essential Strategies for Contact Center Management (PDF) Essential Strategies for Contact Center Management (PDF)

See how proper service center management can lead to 40% higher employee and customer satisfaction scores.

Explore Oracle Service Center

Oracle Service Center helps service agents deliver faster, accurate, and more consistent customer resolutions with recommendations based on your organization's established best practices. Consolidating all relevant customer information into one view helps your agents to be more productive and create authentic customer connections.

Unified agent desktop

Monitor and improve the efficiency of your customer service teams. Design your own, role-based dashboards or choose from more than 1,000 best practice reports to track agent activity.

Single platform

Improve service insights and reliability with a platform that connects data between CRM and back-office systems while providing industry-leading stability, scalability, and flexibility.

Highly configurable

Customize the agent console to meet your unique business requirements—without the need for extensive third-party applications or integrations.

Decluttered agent desktop

Empower B2B customer service agents to access all service requests, account data, and knowledge management and collaboration tools within a completely intuitive user interface. Our new B2B agent console mimics familiar consumer apps with its searchable, scrollable conversation thread.

Productivity features

Improve customer service agent efficiency and resolve issues faster with easy, scripted workflows, proactively generated recommendations, and next-best–action suggestions to capture critical customer information and guide agents to the next-best step.

Agent analytics

Design role-based dashboards and reports to track agent activity. Or choose from more than 1,000 best practice reports to understand and improve your customer service teams’ efficiency.

Insights panel for customer service agents

The Agent Insights panel guides agents to the information they need to solve customer problems and recommends the next action to take during an interaction.

Reduce call handle time for customers

Guide customer service agents with recommended actions that they can execute with a single click, directly from their workspace.

Make customer data easy to find

Connect artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services to your B2C service application to deliver even richer customer insights to agents.

Robust omnichannel framework

Engage with your customers at any time—on any channel—including email, chat, phone, video/visual engagement, text messaging, and more. Deliver a personalized, branded customer service experience to each individual.

Integrated telephony and universal queuing

Automatically recognize individual customers and load only the information and screens relevant to meet the needs of the person you are communicating with.

Proactive live chat

Proactively engage with high-value visitors through assisted digital customer service using sophisticated skill-based routing to deliver the best possible experiences.

Messaging and SMS

Use the most popular messaging platforms to provide faster and more direct help, leading to better resolutions and more satisfied customers.

Video chat

Deepen customer relationships by engaging face-to-face through bidirectional video chat through the same agent interface.


Solve problems faster by allowing agents to see exactly what your customers are seeing, with just the click of a button.

Effective workload management

Automatically route incoming call center and helpdesk cases to the best agent based on your business rules and requirements.

Improved interaction workflows

Leverage dynamic, task-based workflows that adjust to each agent’s skills, situational context, and customer sentiment to deliver the best possible customer service to each individual.

Efficient queuing and routing

Make your call center more efficient by using standard assignment and round-robin queuing.

Contextual workspace

Deliver consistent service—no matter the agent—with added flexibility to adapt your contact center to evolving business needs.

Collaboration tools

Leverage all the organizational expertise through a set of collaboration tools—embedded directly into the agent console—that provides the data and historical context of all previous and relevant interactions.

Task automation

Eliminate repetitive work through automated updates, responses, escalations, and assignments to reduce the number of costly errors and agent turnover.

Frictionless agent knowledge

Customer service agents can access a self-learning, advanced knowledgebase powered by Oracle Knowledge Management to receive relevant, tailored responses to their questions.

Contextual experiences

Configure your knowledgebase to fit business and agent needs with guaranteed consistent and accurate answers.

Rich knowledge article authoring

Improve both agent and customer experiences with branded knowledge articles using WYSIWYG content editors, rich text, and HTML support.

Precise search capabilities

Provide users with accurate, self-service guided search capabilities, regardless of language or phrasing.

Case management

Enable case managers to manage complex and sensitive service issues with multiple stakeholders. Deliver consistent, compliant interactions with customers, employees, and citizens, no matter how they engage or who they interact with.

Intuitive user experience

Easily locate customer information, take actions, and complete activities quickly with fewer clicks and less effort. Predictive search anticipates what a case manager wants to do next while a conversational interface lets them express their needs in plain language.

Smart actions and plans

Enable case managers to build action plans and workflows as well as create and assign tasks across the business. Contextual suggestions for next steps based on rules and patterns of similar users, cases, and circumstances help ensure consistency and integrated process automation and support long-running, complex situations that may require many steps or data from other systems.

Consistent, personalized interactions across digital channels

Empower customers and citizens to interact on the channel of their choice, such as text, chat, mobile, web, and collaboration tools, like Slack and Microsoft Teams, with the confidence that an organization, company, or government department will have the necessary data to address their specific, unique circumstances.

Security and visibility

Collect data from every customer and citizen interaction as well as every action taken on their behalf while ensuring case managers have secure access to the information they need to consider each citizen or customer’s unique circumstances and solve problems. Deliver an at-a-glance, 360-degree view of key aspects of a customer’s or citizen’s case with connections to related people, such as family members, other employees, and other cases.

Feedback management

Capture and act on real-time customer feedback across multiple channels, including web, social, and contact center touchpoints.

Proactively solicit feedback

Create and publish surveys that proactively gather customer feedback after call center interactions to better understand and improve service engagements.

Provide agent feedback

Provide agents with direct insight into customer satisfaction levels to improve the service experience.

Automated follow-up

Speed up issue resolution with immediate, automated follow-ups, such as creating incidents for other contact center agents or departments.

Detect customer sentiment

Quickly identify potential unhappy customers and prioritize for follow-up. Classify customer sentiment into specific categories for immediate action.

Useful reporting and insights

Make better service decisions with prebuilt or custom reports based on your organization’s best practices.

Custom reporting

Create the right reports for your business. With report designer, you have a high-level view of your customer service organization, customized to the way you want to view it.

Real-time monitoring

Understand your agent interactions and view their activity—in real time—across multiple channels with supervisor-level dashboards.

Contact center customer successes

View more customer successes

Oracle helps some of the best businesses build the best customer interactions and experiences with a powerful service cloud offering.

Key benefits of Oracle Service Center

01Resolve issues faster

Help service agents deliver faster, accurate, and more consistent customer resolutions with dynamic recommendations based on your organization's established best practices.

Help agents spend less time clicking and more time on customer service

02Simplify the agent experience

Our new integration between Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform and Oracle B2C Service consolidates data from a variety of sources to give customer service agents a complete, consolidated, and dynamic customer profile.

See how Agent Insights improve customer service

03Improve agent productivity and engagement

Increase agent productivity with intuitive tools, including agent scripting, contextual workspaces, guided assistance, and real-time analytics. Give agents a robust set of collaboration tools to find answers faster.

Packsys boosts customer service levels by 13% with Oracle

04Eliminate fragmented customer service experiences

Provide B2B customer service agents with the tools they need to solve extremely complex customer problems. With the agent console, your people can reach across departments to access information from any needed system—such as ERP, supply chain, commerce, and billing—and apply cross-functional business processes to best help customers.

Essential strategies for contact center management (PDF)

4 steps for embracing change and finding success in a shifting service landscape

Rhianna Albert, Oracle CX Service Lead, Accenture

It’s up to service leaders to adapt to the shifting landscape—and embrace the opportunities this shift provides.

Hitting strategic goals during times of uncertainty can be a daunting task, but it can be accomplished if you follow a few steps to help you effectively manage those new opportunities and give you the best chance for success.

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