Why choose Oracle vs. Salesforce?

Top 3 reasons to choose Oracle CX for your customer experience needs


Customer experience goes beyond CRM

Make every customer interaction matter and exceed expectations instead of just managing relationships. Oracle helps you connect your entire organization with one cloud for marketing, sales, service, and loyalty. With Oracle Customer Experience (CX), you can easily build personalized marketing campaigns and loyalty programs that react to customers in the moment, across every type of interaction including advertising, increase sales productivity while focusing on customer needs, and resolve issues with knowledgeable service.


The most complete solution available

Oracle offers a comprehensive solution with marketing, sales, commerce, service, and loyalty that’s connected to HR, finance, and supply chain. Our front- and back-office applications have the same intuitive experience and share a common data model. Gain a single source of truth and real-time visibility into the rest of the business, without having to pay for expensive middleware and consultants.


Make every customer interaction matter with Oracle CX

Improve employee satisfaction, easily personalize experiences, and accomplish more with purpose-built intelligence embedded throughout the customer experience. Oracle CX offers predictive planning and modeling tools that help you align territories and quotas, engage the right customer at the right time, and eliminate over-discounting with machine learning focused on sales.** Target and personalize your marketing campaigns with algorithms that understand customer behavior. And boost customer satisfaction with intelligent service that offers optimized scheduling and easy-to-find answers based on customer needs.

Move forward on the path to CX data excellence.

Oracle is one of very few companies that has the scope and depth of business applications to help enterprises orient all of their business operations around customers first.

Nicole France Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Make every customer interaction matter with Oracle CX

Empower the person within your organization who engages the customer first. By connecting your front- and back-office applications, you align your organization around your customer and simplify operations for your employees. Only Oracle provides a single cloud solution that includes enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM), supply chain, and customer experience (CX).

Oracle CX goes beyond CRM to deliver experiences tailored to each customer’s online behavior in real time. Whether it is advertising, marketing, sales, commerce, service, or loyalty, partnering with Oracle allows you to apply intelligence to every task using consistent data and intuitive tools.

Companies delivering on advanced CX initiatives with Salesforce can struggle to individualize the experience for their customers. With Oracle, you can leverage advertising solutions to make the best first impression and build on that with each impression that follows. You can also gather everything you know about your customers into unified, accurate, and actionable profiles for each customer. We have been helping customers like you manage, secure, and drive business value from data for more than 40 years. Data is in our DNA. We have the knowledge and experience to help you make every customer interaction matter.

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Aon drives digital transformation and unifies their sales team

Like many B2B companies, Aon is transforming their marketing and sales teams to be more digitally enabled and include automation into their sales processes.

As Teffani Zadeh, CIO of Growth Enablement and North America IT, points out: "It is absolutely a requirement to bring all of our sales force into one instance so that we can act as one Aon and better serve our clients."

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Oracle CX customer success stories

Leading companies around the world are choosing Oracle to save money, deliver more sophisticated and personalized experiences, and empower the person who gets to the customer first to provide a consistent and rewarding experience.

Research report: Does your CRM leave money on the table?

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