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The cloud migration conversation

Move your Oracle investments to the cloud.

Once the strategic direction is set, a move to the cloud raises various questions for most organizations.

There are the practical questions: Do we know exactly what we are using on premise today, so that we can plan what we need in the cloud?

There are the financial questions: What savings can we realistically expect, and what is a dependable ROI figure we can put in front of the Board?

And there are the procurement questions: How do we move from on premise to cloud licensing and subscription models? Are there better ways to make our existing spend go further, and do we understand how our cloud use and costs will be measured?

Oracle has created the Software Investment Advisory (SIA) business unit to help customers answer these questions. Oracle SIA provides free-of-charge services to Oracle customers, including Cloud Sizing and Deployment Optimization, to help organizations plan and structure their most cost-effective route to the cloud.

Four migration discussion points

Let’s take a look at the most popular ’conversation starters’:


Conversation #1: What assets do I need to migrate?

On the surface, this might appear to be relatively straightforward. For example, a customer may say, “We want to move our human capital management (HCM) application into the cloud, so that’s what we’ll do. What’s the cost?” Sounds simple. Understanding current usage levels is important for predicting the size and shape of the future state.

Where complexity enters the picture is in the form of co-dependencies, such as

  • What other systems feed into and out of the HCM application?
  • What is the best way to move the licenses from on premise to cloud and what should the timing be?
  • What infrastructure is needed and what support do we need to make it work?
  • What is the mobility of existing licenses and which can be moved over and used in the cloud?

Conversation #2: Can you detail my options for migrating on-premise licenses to the cloud?

It’s here that we provide education on Oracle’s licensing policies as well as the programs that exist to help customers migrate effectively to the cloud. Examples of the latter include the Customer 2 Cloud program, where organizations can try out Oracle Cloud with any licenses they’re not using or want to repurpose, for applications including ERP, EPM, HCM, and CRM. Or there’s Oracle’s Bring Your Own License (BYOL) program and the flexibility this introduces for migrating existing licenses.


Conversation #3: What are the options if we can’t move to a public cloud?

There are many reasons why a customer can’t migrate to a public cloud, ranging from security concerns to corporate policy. It could also be due to an issue that’s out of their hands, such as strict data residency laws in Indonesia, which limit what kind of data can be taken out of the country. Where Oracle SIA can help is in detailing your options. These include Oracle Cloud at Customer, an arrangement where Oracle provides a public cloud behind your organization’s firewall. As a result, you can “right size” your cloud deployment and stay in control of the data while leaving Oracle to manage the services in line with your business strategy.


Conversation #4: How can I pursue the best ROI model?

It’s here that a good TCO calculation comes in handy (which we can offer), as well as the ability to determine the financial benefits from your current deployment. In addition, it helps to be able to run various ROI scenarios. For example, your company could have signed up to an Unlimited License Agreement with Oracle, and now you want to know what this means for cloud deployment (is it the same process, what are the risks etc.). This is where Oracle SIA’s Investment Economics service can assist you in measuring the financial value from your existing Oracle investments. An assessment that, combined with our Cloud Sizing service, enables you to find the most cost-effective cloud deployment moving forward.

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