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The digital transformation journey

Managing your software investments through a digital transformation

Digital transformation is a concept where the specifics can be hard to nail down. When it comes to the practical side of things, many organizations are becoming less convinced by the idea of a one-off transformation and more interested in a journey of constant optimization.

The challenge is how to align technology to support this ambition. This is a major focus for Claudia Leite, Senior Director of Oracle Software Investment Advisory in Latin America.

Don't get stuck on the detail

Let's take an example. A typical digital transformation initiative could be presented as invigorating the customer experience, while the explicit business goal is to increase revenue from current customers. Either of these could be achieved with capabilities such as a new payment gateway, a chat function, or an online catalog. Whatever the requirement, it's inevitably going to lead to IT asking “What’s the best way to provision this new service or capability?”

  • Will we need to replace existing assets and buy new ones?
  • Can we repurpose and utilize the licenses we already have?
  • If we're moving applications or licenses to the cloud, what really needs to be migrated?

These are all good questions, and the answers could quickly add complexity into the equation. However, digital transformation is by its nature an activity that operates within a window of opportunity: The longer it takes to deliver, the less the potential impact.

That’s why Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA) is helping customers simplify the complexity and support more informed decision-making.

Supporting customer transformation

Oracle SIA aims to deliver a range of strategic and tactical benefits to customers who are on the digital transformation journey:

Strategic: Advise customers how to align their investments with their long-term business plan—the ‘how to optimize today and prepare for tomorrow’ discussion. There’s also the support needed to help build the business case, and provide the knowledge and education customers need to progress their transformation with confidence.

Tactical: Act as a bridge between the customer and product experts, while also providing effective knowledge transfer on license policy. In addition, Oracle SIA provides the assistance required when measuring software usage and performing cost/benefit analysis, and guidance on structuring licenses around any proposed activity.

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