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Quintet Systems Launches Internet of Things Platform Service 13x Faster, Reduces Operating Costs by 33%, and Supports Global Expansion


We are the first company in Korea that launched Internet of Things platform service on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Implementation took just two weeks rather than six months. With Oracle Public Cloud Services, we reduced costs by 33% and gained a stable platform to boost satisfaction and expand globally.

— Jae-gil Shin, Director, Quintet Systems

Founded in 2003, Quintet Systems, Corp. is an Oracle Cloud Partner and a customer relationship management (CRM) consulting company that offers packaged CRM solutions and consulting services through specialized implementation and integration service.

To become a leading CRM solution provider and stay ahead of the competition, Quintet Systems launched iCIGNAL, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform service that integrated with IoT devices, such as mobile phones. The platform enables its customers across various industries, including electronic banking business providers and retailers, to rapidly adopt IoT service for business processes, such as manufacturing automation, store management, workflow management, and beacon creation, all via mobile devices.

  • Build a reliable and flexible platform to manage the online-to-offline (O2O) mobile marketing service for both on-premises and cloud environments and improve competitiveness in the CRM solution industry
  • Reduce time to launch the O2O service and enable integration with Oracle Sales Cloud to support customers’ marketing campaigns, such as conducting surveys or managing event content
  • Partner with a single global vendor to provide a cloud marketplace for the O2O mobile marketing solution and attract other global companies in China, India, and Japan to use the service
  • Launched the O2O service 13x faster—in just two weeks rather than six months with other vendors—by using Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Java Cloud Service to rapidly develop and deploy the mobile application across on-premises and public cloud environments without making changes to databases
  • Reduced operating costs for managing software, hardware, and infrastructure by 33% by enabling database administrators to easily move databases between on-premises and the cloud and perform automatic backup, recovery, patches, and upgrades with a single click
  • Enhanced competitive edge by seamlessly integrating Oracle Database Cloud Service with Oracle Sales Cloud and providing a flexible platform to collect, manage, and analyze customers’ campaign data, such as redeeming coupons via a mobile app during store visits, on IoT devices
  • Increased revenue opportunities in the global market by listing the iCIGNAL IoT platform service on Oracle Cloud Marketplace, enabling the company to create analysis reports and gain insight into customer interest and lead activities
  • Ensured continuous O2O service and enhanced customer satisfaction by building the marketing platform based on Oracle Public Cloud Services with 24/7, multi-lingual technical support and using Oracle Database 12c and Oracle WebLogic Server 12c to ensure high system performance and reliability
  • Responded faster to customer demands, such as expanding O2O service capacity, by providing access to built-in enterprise cloud service features, such as provisioning of clusters in various sizes and offering elastic load balancing, with Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Gained a scalable platform as a service to support future expansion to Oracle’s other cloud solutions, such as social media, business intelligence, and big data


We chose Oracle Public Cloud Services because it offers a high-performing, stable database and application platform in both on-premises and cloud environments. It enables us to maximize synergy by integrating with other Oracle cloud solutions and turn cost savings into business value.

— Jae-gil Shin, Director, Quintet Systems


Quintet Systems spent approximately two months evaluating and developing the O2O mobile marketing platform. Oracle’s Independent Software Vendor Original Equipment Manufacturer (ISVOEM) Cloud architect team also provided technical support—including installation and configuration—to Quintet Systems for migration to Oracle Public Cloud and integration with Oracle Sales Cloud. After testing the platform for two weeks, Quintet Systems published the O2O service on Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

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Published:  May 24, 2016