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Oracle Customer Success—Swiss Mobiliar (Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft AG)

Swiss Mobiliar (Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft AG)

Swiss Mobiliar Boosts Performance by Upgrading its Oracle Databases


By upgrading our Oracle Databases, we not only take our database infrastructure to the next level but also optimize our IT development and offer Swiss Mobiliar customers a unique, first-class experience. We are securing our market lead now and in the coming years.

— Alain Fuhrer, Oracle Database Administrator, Swiss Mobiliar

Swiss Mobiliar Shortens Time-to-Market and Optimizes Customer Service with Oracle Database

Swiss Mobiliar (Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft AG) is a private insurance company in Switzerland. More than 30% of all households and businesses in Switzerland have at least one Swiss Mobiliar policy. 

To maintain its competitive edge and continue offering its customers the best possible service at all times, Swiss Mobiliar continuously modernizes its IT infrastructure. The company has been participating for years in Oracle’s Upgrade Reference Program. Swiss Mobiliar is currently upgrading to Oracle Database 12.2—one of the first companies in Switzerland to do so.
Business Challenge
  • Migrate 650 pluggable databases to Oracle Database 12.2 within a very tight deadline in order to boost the performance of these databases and make their expanded multitenancy functions available as soon as possible
  • Prepare and complete the migration of 350 physical, schema-consolidated databases to Oracle Database 12.2 by the end of 2019 to establish an end-to-end multitenancy environment
  • Reduce the development time for new insurance products using a more powerful database infrastructure so the company can respond faster to changing market conditions and preserve its competitive edge in the Swiss insurance market
  • Enable Swiss Mobiliar’s software developers to order the databases needed for development work via a graphical user interface, and significantly reduce the effort required for the provision of new development databases
  • Create the basic conditions for the company’s cloud-readiness so that in the future, a database infrastructure can be created in the cloud
  • Upgraded to Oracle Database 12.2 to consolidate 650 pluggable databases and 350 physical databases in a multitenancy environment, shortening time-to-market for insurance products and services from 6 months to only 4 weeks
  • Eased database administration by accelerating online cloning as well as backup, restore, and flashback—which can be realized for each pluggable database individually—and eliminated the need to operate schema-consolidated databases thanks to the multitenancy capabilities of Oracle Database 12.2
  • Improved the performance and efficiency of the company’s database environment by ordering a new development database that runs as a managed service so that the database can be made available in 30 to 50 seconds—a process that previously took Swiss Mobiliar’s database administrators up to 1 day
  • Optimized business process efficiency by splitting services such as the reporting of insurance claims into individual building blocks (microservices) with the easy provisioning of additional pluggable databases made possible by Oracle Database 12.2
  • Enabled faster troubleshooting, improved flexibility with regard to database administration, and made it easier to manage applications—which now use up to 30 pluggable databases instead of a physical database
  • Leveraged faster development to update individual applications, such as the insurance claim platform, up to 4x per month instead of the previous maximum of 1x per month, ensuring that applications and services are always up to date
  • Strengthened decision-making by delivering fast analytics about the performance data for each database ever used in the company, which are stored in a 3 TB data warehouse
  • Established the foundation for transferring database infrastructure to the cloud, if required, by migrating all of Swiss Mobiliar’s databases to Oracle Database 12.2 by the end of 2019


As an insurance market leader in Switzerland, Swiss Mobiliar offers and expects top performance. That is why we have been working closely with Oracle for years and are part of the Oracle Upgrade Reference Program. Oracle’s experts have provided us with excellent support during the implementation of Oracle Database so that we have been able to significantly boost our performance without disproportionate effort. This once again affirms our strategy of continuously optimizing both our database infrastructure and our services for both users and customers.

— Alain Fuhrer, Oracle Database Administrator, Swiss Mobiliar


As a participant in the Oracle Update Reference Program, Swiss Mobiliar planned an upgrade to Oracle Database 12.2 at the earliest possible date. Oracle specialists provided valuable support and ensured a smooth transition despite the fact that the software is in an early phase of its lifecycle. The key prerequisites for success were detailed tests and the answering of all open questions ahead of the migration itself, making it possible to migrate 650 pluggable databases within 3 months. The migration of an additional 350 schema-consolidated physical databases is scheduled and will be concluded by the end of 2019.

About Swiss Mobiliar (Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft AG)


Bern, Switzerland



Annual Revenue

US$1 billion to US$5 billion
Swiss Mobiliar was founded in Bern, Switzerland in 1826 as a cooperative, making it the country’s oldest private insurance company. It attends to its over 1.7 million private and corporate customers online and through its 79 general agencies.

Swiss Mobiliar offers insurance to private individuals in many areas, including household, building, third-party, vehicle, and health coverage, as well as life assurance. Insurance products available to companies include coverage for material damage, loss of production, transport damage, or legal disputes.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Jan 03, 2018