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Oracle Knowledge Management

Answer at Agent's Fingertips

By enabling searches across a wide variety of sources, Oracle knowledge management products offer simple and convenient ways for users to access knowledge that was once hidden in the myriad systems, applications, and databases used to store enterprise content.

Knowledge Management

Oracle's products for knowledge management help users find useful knowledge contained in corporate information stores.

Oracle Hyperion Planning


  • Faster solutions when customers need them
  • Knowledge organized for success
  • Lowered cost through elimination of redundant effort


  • Answers in context of customer profile for increased accuracy
  • Easy management of what knowledge is created and who can see it. Make knowledge creation an integral part of the service request process
  • Minimized cost of brain drain caused by turn over or promotions. Keep the knowledge and experience in the group
The Source of Searchable Data for Your Enterprise

To help Website users find answers amid a growing mountain of online information, companies are turning to intelligent, contextual search. Natural Language Search simplifies search maintenance with automatic understanding based on pre-packaged industry dictionaries in multiple languages and industry verticals. And because knowledge doesn't always reside in a single location; federated search crawls and returns content where it resides thereby delivering results quickly by leveraging existing knowledge stores and investments.

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