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Help your employees make every day a success by giving them the resources they need to tackle challenges—no matter where they are or how they work. Watch the product overview video from Chris Leone, Senior Vice President, HCM Applications Development to learn more.

Success is a journey. Make it awesome every day.

Chris Leone
Senior Vice President, HCM Applications Development

Read this IDC Market Note (PDF) New IDC research on the employee experience landscape

Read this IDC Market Note to understand how Oracle Journeys helps improve the employee experience.

Analyst Josh Bersin' Analyst Josh Bersin's take on Oracle Journeys

Learn how Oracle Journeys drives a better enterprise employee experience using a system of design.

Oracle Journeys

Enhance employee experience across the enterprise with Oracle Journeys

The recent pandemic brought into sharp focus the importance of communicating with, connecting to and supporting employees especially in the midst of a crisis. Companies need to be able to get employees the information they need to both do their jobs and live their lives no matter where they are. Our latest innovation, Oracle Journeys, enables HR teams to create, tailor, and deliver step-by-step guidance to walk employees through events as diverse as onboarding, having a baby, returning to the workplace, launching a new product, or growing their career.

With Oracle Journeys, we help you deliver an experience that is personalized, contextual, guided and accessible from anywhere. This provides everyone the power to complete their journeys however they choose—through desktop and mobile as well as Oracle Digital Assistant and collaboration platforms.

All of this gives your employees the information they need in the flow of work and at their fingertips. Through Oracle Journeys, you can create an employee experience that is interactive, media-rich, easy to navigate and a joy to take—truly awesome!

Journeys LaunchPad

Your success starts here

The hardest part of any journey is knowing where to start. Now you can make the process easier for your employees by giving them a single location where they can find the answers. All journeys—assigned and recommended—can be found on the LaunchPad. From finding a mentor to getting compliance training, these employee journeys can be:

  • Assigned or recommended by managers and HR teams
  • Discovered through intelligent search at the top of the page
  • Triggered based on actions/events managed within the system
  • Recommended by AI

Each employee journey is personalized and delivered in context so they get the information they need, when they need it. The employee experience can reach across personal, professional, administrative, and operational areas to help them manage expenses, find elder care, launch a new product, or grow their careers.

Journeys LaunchPad
Journeys Creator

Journeys Creator

Everybody’s path to success is unique

Mapping out the journeys your teams need according to your organizational culture, procedures, and resources gives you the flexibility to support your employees on whichever path they choose.

With Journeys Creator, you can:

  • Design, edit and assign journeys quickly and in compliance with internal standards—without the help of IT
  • Give managers the ability to edit, add, or delete tasks and then assign these customized journeys to their teams
  • Create and deliver journeys with tasks and resources from across the enterprise, giving employees the insights and guidance they need

Build journeys to help your employees accomplish a range of tasks including managing expenses, updating skills, or understanding new safety protocols as they return to the office.

Journeys Booster

Onward and upward without boundaries

Using Journeys Booster, you can expand the capabilities of your employee experience even further by easily connecting with third-party systems and applications. Within the same user experience, you can include tasks that connect outside the Oracle platform while keeping employee data safe.

Journeys Booster leverages Oracle Process Automation, making adding new processes faster, easier, and secure—even when using third-party applications.