Security in healthcare

Safeguard operations with resilient architecture and military-grade security.

Security in healthcare is about more than health data safety—it's about protecting the trust of patients, clinicians, and various stakeholders while equipping organizations with the right tools to deliver care when and where it matters. At Oracle Health, we help protect customer workloads with a security-first approach across compute, network, and storage—down to the hardware.

Oracle Protects Healthcare Customers Against Cyberattacks

Learn how we are keeping healthcare organizations safe with the Autonomous Shield initiative.

The Autonomous Shield initiative helps customers migrate to a comprehensive EHR and Cloud Infrastructure solution

Reduce risk and increase system performance with the Oracle Autonomous Shield initiative that simplifies Millennium customer migrations to OCI with a clear and proven methodology.

Built-in security best practices
Solution architecture development
Application migration
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Wall Street Journal article “It’s Time to Hand Cybersecurity Over to the Computers: A healthcare-industry hack shows the need for autonomous databases and operating systems” by Larry Ellison and Seema Verma.

Cybersecurity in Healthcare

It's essential to prioritize cybersecurity, particularly for healthcare organizations that handle sensitive patient information. With so much at stake, it's critical to recognize the importance of cybersecurity and take proactive measures to prevent potential breaches. In a recent discussion, two experts from Oracle emphasized the significance of areas such as ransomware resiliency, cyber-recovery, and other crucial aspects of cybersecurity.

Healthcare Dive article “America’s healthcare networks are under attack” by Seema Verma.

A comprehensive approach to security and compliance

The world of healthcare cybersecurity is constantly changing. With the influx of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, cybersecurity risks are increasing. However, Oracle can gather and analyze threat indicators and patterns from other industries and is actively incorporating this knowledge into technology for healthcare and other markets to protect them.

Traditionally, healthcare cybersecurity has focused on securing individual systems and networks. However, to address the changing landscape of threats, the healthcare industry must strengthen its security posture with more advanced and innovative solutions. As a forward-thinking software provider, we believe in using cross-industry data mining and cloud computing to create a strong defense for clinical healthcare.

Oracle Health provides a unique level of protection that extends from where data is stored to where it’s applied. We start with an assessment that helps enable us to equip customers with a plan to address their unique security needs—from protecting against malware and ransomware to identifying and isolating threats—limiting abrupt interruptions in their business operations.

  • Stay proactive with threat intelligence

    Support your organization’s security infrastructure with a design strategy that encompasses identity management, network security controls, data protection, and application security.

  • Monitor and detect threats within the architecture

    Maintain a security posture around your clinical workload by monitoring, auditing, and responding to incidents.

  • Continually optimize and prepare

    Improvement, together with the implementation of security design principles, helps increase the likelihood of maintaining assurances of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Oracle Health security program

Oracle Health has a proven track record of delivering secure clinical systems for customers all around the world. Customers entrust their clinical systems, data, and hosting services to Oracle Health as their partner because of our relentless focus on

  • Our validated security program
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Stringent management of critical security controls, including access, encryption, vulnerability and threat management, incident response, change management, and contingency planning

Oracle Health’s security program is designed around hosted platforms, hardware, and operating systems. Applications and solutions are built on our security program foundation and deployed in our hosted environments for customers. Oracle Health cybersecurity and incident management infrastructure helps protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of hosted customer data.

Security compliance programs

Regular internal assessments and external audits are used to examine the controls present within the Oracle Health product portfolio and validate that we’re operating effectively in accordance with our security program.

“On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure we operate with greater peace of mind, knowing that we have a robust disaster recovery strategy in place. It protects us against any potential disruptions or data loss—all helping to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve overall work satisfaction.”

Almoosa Specialist Hospital, Team

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