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Innovations for improving clinical outcomes and patient care.

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Healthcare, Clinical and Omics Data

Providing standardized access and self-service analysis to real-world healthcare, clinical, and cross-platform omics data.

Harnessing Big Data in Healthcare
Harnessing Big Data in Healthcare icon Harnessing "Big Data" in Healthcare

Aggregating operational healthcare data and patient genomics for analysis across the clinical lifecycle

Leveraging Big Data in healthcare operations, personalized medicine and clinical research while incorporating genetic biomarkers and real-world data into clinical R&D.


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Healthcare Accelerated

Healthcare Accelerated

Healthcare Innovations

Providing healthcare innovations that improve clinical outcomes and patient care.

Life Sciences

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Transforming Clinical R&D

Delivering actionable insights from aggregated clinical and healthcare data while optimizing clinical trial efficiency and productivity.

Clinical Warehousing

Clinical Warehousing

Cloud-based Clinical Data Warehousing

Responding to biopharmaceutical and healthcare operational needs to unify and manage disparate sources of clinical, healthcare and real-world data.



Pharmacovigilance and Risk Mitigation

Unifying clinical and healthcare data to improve safety in clinical development and post market clinical care while also improving operations and lowering costs.

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