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Oracle Retail Assortment and Space Optimization Cloud Service

Drive Return on Inventory and Space

Optimize assortments to available space to maximize planogram performance, return-on-space, sales, revenue and profits, while improving customer satisfaction with the optimal assortment for each store.

  • Review and compare space optimization results to the performance of last year or a planned assortment.

  • Compare proposed shelf previews vs. a historical planogram prior to optimization approval – make adjustments, as needed.

Retail Assortment and Space Optimization Cloud Service

Turn Data Into Value

  • Leverage fixture data to dynamically create store and space clusters
  • Use item-level demand transference in calculations to create optimal assortment mix
  • Conduct macro-space optimization "what-if" analysis to maximize profits
  • Create assortment and facing recommendations while balancing supply chain constraints, business rules and visual merchandising standards

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