Oracle Retail Customer Engagement Cloud Services

  • The customer dashboard provides fast access to the extensive customer profile including, demographics, purchase activity, promotion response history, and segment membership.

  • The back office administrative console enables customer service representatives to perform account level inquiries, audits, and adjustments across all supported account types including, gift card, loyalty, and awards.

Oracle Retail Customer Engagement Cloud Services

Drive Incremental Revenue and Profitability

  • Fully integrated suite of modules for effective management of all aspects of direct commerce
  • Flexible framework for capturing, organizing, and analyzing customer information and purchase behavior
  • Highly configurable, user-friendly tool that allows business users to define, analyze, and target customers who share common characteristics
  • Comprehensive application set for designing, executing, and analyzing a broad array of retail promotional offers and events
  • Wide variety of configurable, points-based loyalty programs to engage customers
  • Quick reference scorecards and in-depth analysis using a number of predefined reports to assess promotion effectiveness

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