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Oracle Retail Macro Space Optimization

Optimize Available Floor Space

Dynamic recommendations enable you to allocate optimal space to departments, categories, and sub-categories or planograms while maximizing overall sales and profit.

  • Identify space reallocation opportunities while planning new store openings, remodels, projects, and/or line reviews.

  • Conduct what-if analyses to better understand space reallocation opportunities, maximizing profitability of a store group or individual store.

Retail Macro Space Optimization

Dynamic Actionable Recommendations

  • Identify key areas of opportunity to allocate/reallocate store space, improving profitability
  • Assess and optimize space in multiple ways: store group, store, a department/area within a store or a specific aisle
  • Leverage what-if capabilities to evaluate and gain real-time impact of adding or removing space
  • Determine the amount of allocated space required to align with upstream financial targets
  • Integrate with merchandise planning and floor planning business processes

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