Oracle Retail Item Planning

Maximize Sales, Minimize Overstocks

Gain visibility into purchases, inventories, and profit throughout an item's lifecycle to maximize sales and minimize the overstocks that drain revenue and profit. Best-practice retail processes guide detailed planning with the flexible choice of deployment via the cloud or on premises.

  • Exceptions Dashboard helps to anticipate and proactively manage opportunities by focusing attention on items performing outside of exception.

  • Create an assortment strategy to assist with the selection process of which items to include within the assortment period.

  • Leverage embedded science and automation within the solution to simplify the process, while improving planning accuracy and strategic decision making ability.

  • Utilize what-if promotion planning to quickly and easily simulate different business strategies to increase productivity or exit under-performing items.

Oracle Retail Item Planning

Increase Accuracy in Item Planning

  • Provide views into sales history, actualized weekly sales, and unconstrained forecasts to support more accurate planning
  • Support proactive, in-season item management resulting in fewer lost sales, excessive markdowns, and unprofitable exit strategies
  • Enable receipt flow planning down to the weekly level to maximize return on inventory investment
  • Ensure that bottom-up item plans reconcile with top-down financial plans, preventing overstocks
  • Define assortment plan and performance over time with an extension to assortment planning

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