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Product Data Mastery Simplified
Product Data Mastery Simplified

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Simplify how you manage product information to commercialize faster, lower cost and drive digital transformation with an accurate item master in the cloud.

Simplify Your Journey to Product Data Mastery
Simplify Your Journey to Product Data Mastery

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Item Mastering in Action

Learn how easy it is to simplify your item mastering processes with Oracle Product Hub Cloud.



What Is Item Mastering and Product Information Management?

Modern business is increasingly challenged by data growth and complexity. How quickly your organization can make accurate product information available—and actionable—to all stakeholders impacts your ability to accelerate new product introductions and stay competitive.

Item mastering is the process of maintaining clean and accurate product information for any application—regardless of the underlying technology (cloud, on premises, or hybrid environment). By simplifying the processes that govern the item master—your informational lifeline—you can empower decision-makers with ready access to trusted product information. Best practice item mastering maintains a 360-degree view of all product data to enable digital transformation, modern supply chain initiatives, and hybrid path-to-cloud strategies.

Oracle Product Hub Cloud
Oracle Product Hub Cloud is a purpose-built item mastering solution that rapidly enables product change on a single-source-of-truth platform. It offers a cost-effective, user-friendly, low-risk approach to consolidate, govern, share, and enrich product data. Supporting a wide range of processes [including product information management (PIM) and product master data management (MDM)] Oracle Product Hub Cloud is the cornerstone of business modernization, tightly linking hybrid environments with reliable product data. No customization required. With a proven source for clean product data, you can accelerate innovation, reduce the cost of quality, and effortlessly execute your go-to-market strategy.

  • Simplify maintenance by discovering products quickly through flexible search and browse capabilities.

  • On-board product data from multiple sources and provide business users with a graphical summary to monitor product uploads and identify errors.

  • Ensure that product data is accurate, clean, and consistent through native data quality features and business rule validations.

  • Gain valuable insight into your products with real-time business intelligence (BI) analytics and reports.

Here are some ways to get started with Oracle Product Hub Cloud:

  • Product Commercialization without Customization
    Accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs. Use a best practice MDM solution to run your entire product commercialization process on a foundation of reliable product data. Oracle Product Hub Cloud enables you to effectively aggregate, enrich, validate, and share the product data required for sales and marketing, supply chain, and ERP processes. Eliminate the cost and burden of customizing your existing supply chain, ERP, and CX architecture while ensuring that your product is ready for global production.
  • Omnichannel Commerce with Product Information Management
    Standardize business processes for a faster time-to-market across all of your web, mobile, print, or brick and mortar channels. Oracle Product Hub Cloud provides complete and consistent product information to your customers while efficiently running your back-end ERP and order fulfillment systems with trusted product data.
  • Item Master Made Simple in Hybrid Environments
    Traditional ERP and SCM applications can’t effectively manage the item information required for various aspects of your business. Oracle Product Hub cloud provides a best practice item mastering process through flexible attribution, change control, and native governance capabilities to keep item data clean and synchronized across all of your cloud and on-premises applications.
  • ERP Migration with Consolidation and Connectivity
    Whether you are consolidating ERP systems on premises or in the cloud, Oracle Product Hub Cloud provides a single platform to centralize all of your product data, without disrupting ERP operations in hybrid environments.

    For companies that standardize ERP processes on Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle Product Hub cloud is pre-integrated and provides the structure for trusted product data to support business process improvements.

Explore the resources on this page to learn how easy it is to get started with Oracle Product Hub Cloud.


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Moose Toys
Ainsworth Pet Nutrition
We’re expecting a reduction in issues related to data quality of up to 25%. That improved data accuracy will prevent a lot of downstream problems, and help us get to market quicker. It was so easy - just configure, load your data, and go. Updates roll out regularly.
—Jamie Hornstein, Director of IT, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

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