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Get the Truth: Oracle v. Rimini Street

Risk and cyberthreats are a business reality. Protecting your data, business reputation, and customers is a must. Don’t be fooled by third-party support providers like Rimini Street. Your business deserves an innovative, long-term IT roadmap, with critical software security patches. Get the protection you need with Oracle’s trusted, secure, and comprehensive support.

Never Compromise

Choose Your Partners Wisely

Data breaches, hacks, viruses, and cyberthreats are a business reality. Companies of every size, across all industries and geography, must make protecting their most valuable assets—their customers, data, IT investments, and reputation—their first priority.

The risk of not protecting your software investment is simply too great. Innovative companies must look across their entire business landscape, assess potential vulnerabilities, and ensure that their technology stack is optimized and protected. We encourage customers to learn more about the fundamentals of protecting their businesses with a trusted partner who both understands the importance of security and delivers ongoing and unparalleled product innovation.

By working hand-in-hand with a trusted partner like Oracle, your business benefits from the proactive maintenance and time-tested processes your business deserves and that your customers and stakeholders demand.

We understand that businesses today face tough challenges. We also recognize that customers have alternatives when it comes to their support options. While some options like self-maintenance and third-party support may sound viable on the surface or in the short term, ultimately they may be a potential liability, putting your business and customers at risk. These alternatives simply are not powerful enough, nor do they go deep enough, to protect your investments.

In fact, some services and infringers, like Rimini Street, can do more harm than good. Rimini Street is a support services provider for Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and other enterprise applications that was started by TomorrowNow former President Seth Ravin in 2005. Rimini Street was built on a similar model to that company. TomorrowNow was eventually acquired by SAP, which shut down that unit in 2008 before a trial that ended with a $359 million judgment for infringing Oracle’s copyrights. TomorrowNow also paid the federal government $20 million after pleading guilty to federal criminal charges of computer fraud and copyright infringement. Read the full story.

We urge customers to dig deeper when assessing the role of support and their support options. Do your due diligence, ask the tough questions, and demand answers up front to make sure your support partner has you covered. We are confident that Oracle Support can provide the trusted, secure, and comprehensive coverage you and your business deserve—for the life of your products and your business.

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Oracle Support: Get the Facts (PDF)

Why Cybersecurity Matters and Why You Should Never Compromise (7:50)

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Do Your Due Diligence and Demand Answers (PDF)

Oracle v. Rimini Street Latest News

Court of Appeals Rules for Oracle Affirming Injunction against Rimini Street

August 19, 2019—The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected Rimini Street’s latest attempt to avoid the District Court’s injunction barring Rimini Street from engaging in conduct that infringes Oracle's intellectual property rights.

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Court Orders Rimini Street to Comply with Permanent Injunction Prohibiting Further Infringement

November 7, 2018—On Monday, a federal appeals court rejected Rimini Street’s motion to stay and effectively delay a permanent injunction issued by the Federal District Court in Nevada. That injunction prohibits Rimini Street from engaging in specific unlawful practices in connection with its core business practices as found in Oracle’s 2015 copyright infringement trial against Rimini Street and its founder, Seth Ravin.

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Federal Court Rules that Oracle Is Entitled to a Permanent Injunction Against Rimini Street and Awards Attorneys’ Fees in Copyright Suit

August 14, 2018—Today, for the second time, a Federal Court in Nevada granted Oracle’s motion for a permanent injunction against Rimini Street for years of infringement of Oracle’s copyrights. In an opinion notable for its strong language condemning Rimini Street’s actions, the Court made clear that since its inception, Rimini’s business “was built entirely on its infringement of Oracle’s copyrighted software.” The Court also highlighted Rimini's “conscious disregard” for Oracle’s copyrights and Rimini's “significant litigation misconduct” in granting Oracle's motion for its attorneys’ fees to be paid.

Story 2

Oracle Will Seek Affirmation of Cost Award in the United States Supreme Court

September 27, 2018—Today’s United States Supreme Court grant of certiorari in the Rimini Street case is limited to a narrow issue regarding an award of more than $12 million in litigation costs that Rimini Street was ordered to pay to Oracle. This award came after a jury found that Rimini Street infringed 93 Oracle copyrights, and this costs appeal has zero impact on the resolved issue that Rimini Street infringed 93 copyrights and the jury award of compensatory damages.

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Oracle v. Rimini Street History

Since January 2010, Oracle and Rimini Street have been in an ongoing legal battle around copyright infringement. During the legal proceedings, an investigation of Rimini Street business practices revealed the company downloaded software and/or updates from Oracle’s website on behalf of several of its customers. Read the full story to get the complete facts about the lawsuit and what you need to know as a customer. Visit the In the News section for ongoing developments.

To Oracle, facts matter. Security matters. And protecting your business matters.

Rimini Street

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Security Updates

Seth Ravin, Rimini Street CEO

Q. And, in fact, you actually told customers that [security updates] weren’t necessary, and they—you told them they weren’t necessary, right?

A. Yes, because it’s an outdated model relative to what we call holistic security today.

Q. Yeah. All right. Holistic security means don’t put security in the software, just put it in the firewall at your place of business, right?

A. It’s actually the most innovative version available today for security people, yes.

Source: Tr. 446:5-14

Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle

Q. [Mr. Ravin] said it was called holistic security....Do you have any reaction to that?

A. I do. That’s totally ridiculous. It’s completely and totally ridiculous.

Q. Why?

A. Because you must patch software vulnerabilities in order to avoid being vulnerable. If all you do is you set up firewalls around systems, you are making a grave, grave mistake...I think that if you do not provide security fixes, security patches of software, you cannot possibly claim to be providing support.

Source: Tr. 1556:13-1560:3

Read more Oracle v. Rimini Street trial testimony (PDF)

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