Get less with Rimini Street

Don’t put your software investment at risk with disreputable third-party enterprise software support providers like Rimini Street. Get the protection you need with Oracle and take advantage of trusted, fully featured security and comprehensive support.

Oracle Wins Copyright Case Against Repeat Violator Rimini Street

Permanent injunction further limiting Rimini’s support practices;
holds CEO personally liable for Rimini Street’s misconduct, false advertising.

It’s a fact: Your support partner matters, so choose wisely

Investing in Oracle Support fuels your business innovation and gives important support and security updates for your Oracle products including applications and database. For more than 40 years, businesses around the world have relied on Oracle, as their trusted partner of comprehensive services, to deliver outstanding protection for their vital business interests. Only Oracle can provide key security enhancements to the software itself and more comprehensive protection against new hacking threats.

Third-party support isn’t the answer: 7 top reasons customers invest in Oracle Support

  • Trusted

    Oracle’s reputation is built on more than 40 years of delivering award-winning service to customers and ensuring its technology investments are effective, efficient, risk-resistant, and competitive.

  • Accreditation and education

    Oracle Support provides continued education for your team, along with sharing best practices, community support, and group events, so you can make the most of your investment in our products and services.

  • Secure

    Oracle Support supplies security features at every layer of the software stack to help protect your business interests.

  • Global operation

    Oracle Support’s international footprint is indisputable. Engineers are available around the clock across the globe to support your business.

  • Comprehensive

    Oracle Support delivers complete, dependable, fully integrated, and tested products. It provides a single point of contact for all integrated support tools and product updates.

  • Customer-focused

    For more than four decades, Oracle has enabled customers to maximize and expand their existing Oracle Applications and Database investment, while allowing time for future planning.

  • Continuous innovation

    Applications Unlimited helps customers leverage the new technologies, platforms, and functionalities they need to succeed.

  • Learn more

    Read the complete e-book to learn why customers are investing in Oracle support to enable success.

    Read e-book why customers investing in Oracle support Read more (PDF)

Why security and cyber hygiene are fundamental

  • Security Webinar: Closing the Path of Least Resistance Security

    Securosis and Oracle experts discuss why fundamentals like security hygiene are critical for protection.

    Watch the video for live event
  • Cyber Hygiene: The First Line of Security

    Securosis’ report on the importance of consistent maintenance in protecting your organization from cyberattacks.

    Read the report (PDF) about live event
  • Sustainable software patching is critical for solid security

    Omdia report on how customers battling growing complexity and threat levels need bulletproof support.

    Read the report (PDF) about live event
  • Cyberthreat Trends and Best Practices for Mobile Security and Cloud

    Experts from Deloitte, Zimperium and Oracle share insights on security trends and offer best practices to protect your data and business.

    Read the blog about live event
  • Ransomware Security: A Database Survival Guide

    Protect your database and reduce risk from ransomware attacks and threats.

    Watch the video for live event
  • Case study: Lojas Leader teams with Oracle Support

    This Brazilian retailer teams with Oracle Support for its digital transformation and to keep its Oracle Exadata operations secure.

    Watch the video for live event

Find out more about Oracle Support

Support services—trusted, secure, comprehensive

  • pdf

    Real support matters. Facts matter.

    Rimini Street CEO Seth Ravin admits “Oracle does some things we can’t.” Learn how Rimini Street really feels about protecting your IT investment.

  • pdf

    Know the real difference between Oracle Support and Rimini Street

    Accept no substitutes when protecting your business, your data, and your customers.

  • pdf

    Are you prepared?

    Software patching is critical to stay secure.

  • pdf

    Here are the facts: Oracle vs. Rimini Street

    Get the truth: Why "holistic security" and "virtual patching" aren't enough to protect your business.

  • pdf

    Thinking of moving to third-party support and maintenance vendors?

    Don’t put your business at risk. Demand answers to these crucial questions.

  • pdf

    Oracle Premier Support for software

    Investing in Oracle Support helps improve your business innovation and provides you with important support and security updates for your Oracle products.

  • pdf

    Oracle Support advantage

    Integrated for results—only Oracle can deliver security enhancements to the software itself and more comprehensive protection against new hacking threats.

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