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Oracle BlueKai Data Management Platform

Unify and activate your data to execute campaigns across digital advertising channels. Use data to drive personalized and contextual advertising that engages and wins over relevant audiences. Optimize spend across programmatic advertising through open web and social channels.

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Bring in all the data you need

Assemble data from many different sources and make it useable.

  • Ingest first-party online (across desktop and mobile) and offline data.
  • Classify and organize data into targetable user segments.
  • Use Oracle Data Marketplace to increase your audience reach.
  • Enhance your data with second- and/or third-party datasets.
  • Monitor data ingest with reports that help diagnose and troubleshoot issues.
  • Show how many times user profiles are found and classified correctly.
  • Show how inventory is trending over time.

Determine the right customers to target

Expand your audience and reach the appropriate groups of consumers

  • Take advantage of look-alike modeling to grow prospecting audiences.
  • Use taxonomy permission tools for second-party data sharing.
  • Identify categories that are highly correlated to a defined audience with audience discovery reports.
  • Discover new audiences or expand your target audience during campaign planning to improve campaign performance.

Create effective cross-device campaigns

Conduct personalized marketing at the individual level with a consistent message across devices.

  • Expand your audience by using Oracle ID Graph to bring in third-party data across different marketing channels and devices.
  • Use a private ID graph to extend your reach and leverage your ID linkages for cross-device customer targeting.
  • Reach your customers/prospects across the open web and social channels that they spend time on by activating the cross-device extension.

Use analytics to refine your audience

Continuously refine your target audience to ensure it’s based on up-to-date information.

  • Get actionable audience insights across all events represented in your data with audience analytics reports.
  • Use precampaign analytics to understand audience composition before running an impression.
  • Use post-campaign analysis to verify that you served the right audience.
  • Reduce waste and drive a better buying experience by keeping recent converters out of your campaigns with audience suppression reports.

Reach out with precision and personalization

Deliver your message so that it has the greatest impact.

  • More than 200 integrations across the ecosystem are preloaded in the platform.
  • Data-informed activation enables you to create a personalized experience across martech and adtech channels.
  • Delivery reports help you monitor campaign delivery so you can diagnose and troubleshoot issues and verify that user profiles are being reached as expected.

Oracle Data Management Platform key benefits

July 27, 2020

Oracle Wins Trifecta of Adweek "Readers' Choice" Awards for Brand Safety/Verification, Measurement/Analytics, and DMP

Rob Tarkoff, EVP of Oracle Data Cloud and Oracle Cloud CX

The results of the Adweek voting process were announced today, and we were deeply honored and humbled to have received top honors for our Oracle Data Cloud and Oracle CX solutions from our industry peers in three categories. For the second year in a row, Moat by Oracle Data Cloud was named best "Brand Safety/Verification" provider. Moat by Oracle Data Cloud was also honored as best "Measurement & Analytics: Digital & Mobile Display Advertising" provider. Oracle DMP was recognized as best "Data Management Platform (DMP)"

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