Oracle Procurement Cloud

Экономичный и эффективный процесс: от выбора поставщика до оплаты

Современные закупки начинаются со стандартизации, оптимизации и автоматизации всего процесса: от выбора поставщика до оплаты. Oracle Procurement Cloud позволяет создать более эффективную, экономичную и влиятельную закупочную организацию. Она поможет контролировать затраты благодаря выбору наилучших поставщиков, обеспечению соблюдения политик и регулированию рисков, связанных с поставщиками.

Oracle Procurement Cloud предлагает комплексное решение для организаций всех размеров — от выбора поставщиков и заключения договоров до закупок и управления поставщиками.

How strategic is your procurement?

Are you one of the 61 percent of procurement officers who believe they are being only “somewhat effective” in delivering value for their stakeholders? Procurement organizations face the following challenges:

  • The number of suppliers to identify, contract with, onboard, and manage has grown.
  • Supplier management is being asked to take on a greater role in the organization, including initial and ongoing assessments of vendor compliance with regulatory requirements, company policies, financial viability, and any other requirements the company has for its vendors.
  • Growth in—and often degradation of—supplier and item data presents a significant challenge to efficient and compliant transactions.
  • More transactions, requests for proposals, and bid evaluations—along with more suppliers to select and bring on board—means that there is more to do with the same, or even fewer, resources.
  • The procure-to-pay cycle is too labor intensive. Too many tasks are still being done completely by hand or need some human intervention in the middle of the workflow.

Oracle Procurement Cloud offers a way to manage suppliers proactively throughout the lifecycle—including sourcing, onboarding, contracts, fulfillment, and renewals.

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