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Java EE Code Samples & Apps

J2EE 1.4 Sample Applications

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Demonstrates various technologies and features of J2EE 1.4 using small, technology-focused examples. Following is the current list of sample applications by technology category.

After downloading the samples bundle, install it under <sdk-install-root>/samples so that it looks like <sdk-install-root>/samples/j2ee14. Remember to update <sdk-install-root>/samples/j2ee14/ before you start working with samples. Refer to <sdk-install-root>/samples/j2ee14/index.html for details.

Sample Application Description
quickstart Simple Hello World JSP example described in QuickStart Guide.
Web Applications
simple Basic JSP and servlet examples combined into a single web application.
caching Demonstrates how to cache results of JSP and servlet execution.
bookstore Demonstrates how to deploy and run Duke's Bookstore Sample Application.
Security web examples (See update)
basic-auth Basic authentication example (sub-directory security/apps/basic-auth).
form-auth Form-based authentication example (sub-directory security/apps/form-auth).
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
stateless-simple Stateless session bean example.
stateful-simple Stateful session bean example.
cmpcustomer Entity beans using Container Managed Persistence (CMP).
mdb-simple Message Driven Bean (MDB) example.
subclassing Demonstrates subclassing of Enterprise JavaBeans as a way of simplifying bean classes.
timersession A basic timer session bean example.
BMP EJB examples
simple A simple Bean Managed Persistence (BMP) example (sub-directory bmp/apps/simple).
robean Example of read-only BMP beans (sub-directory bmp/apps/robean).
Java Web Services
JAX-RPC Three web service applications using JAX-RPC.
WS-Security Web services security samples
custom Demonstrates using a custom JNDI resource factory.
external Demonstrates using an external JNDI resource factory.
url Demonstrates using a JNDI resource to connect to a URL.
XML Processing
dom Demonstrates using the XML document object model (DOM).
sax Demonstrates uising the Simple API for XML (SAX).
xslt Demonstrates using Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT).
Security Realms
realms Demonstrates using a custom security realm.
dynamicgroup Demonstrates using a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) security realm.
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
simple Basic servlet accessing an RDBMS via JDBC.
transactions EJB using the JDBC transaction API to control a local transaction.
Other Examples
jsf Three samples that demonstrate use of JavaServer Faces, which simplifies building user interfaces for rapid development of web applications.
mailconnector Illustrates how to create a Java EE Connector Architecture 1.5 compliant resource adapter (RA) (Inbound Connector).
rmi-iiop Using a Java application client to access a stateless EJB using RMI/IIOP.
soaptojms Illustrates using an application client to send and receive SOAP messages with JMS.
logging Demonstrates the use of Loggers in writing enterprise applications.
i18n Internationalization and Localization - How to dynamically change the display language of a web application based on user preference.
migration How to migrate an application to Sun Java System Application Server 9.0
acc Application Client Container (ACC): Refer to the sample in RMI-IIOP/simple for the use of ACC.
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