Generative AI Service

Discover the power of generative AI models equipped with advanced language comprehension to build the next generation of enterprise applications. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Generative AI is a fully managed service available via API to seamlessly integrate these versatile language models into a wide range of use cases, including writing assistance, summarization, analysis, and chat.

How OCI Generative AI works

How OCI Generative AI worksA user’s input can include natural language, input/output examples, and instructions. The LLM analyzes the text input, and can generate, summarize, transform, extract information, or classify text based on the request from the user. A response is sent back to the user in whichever format was specified. This can include raw text or formatting such as bullets and numbering.

Explore the OCI Generative AI cloud architecture

Watch Chief Technical Architect Pradeep Vincent walk through the OCI Generative AI cloud architecture that brings flexible, efficient, and secure customization of AI models to real-world applications.

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Generative AI use cases

  • Analysis

    Rapidly analyze large volumes of data, such as user feedback, market data, call scripts, and logs.

  • Copy generation

    Draft marketing copy, emails, blog posts, product descriptions, and more.

  • Chat

    Create chatbots that can brainstorm, problem-solve, and answer questions. Integrate them with search systems to create a knowledge-grounded information retrieval system.

  • Stylistic conversion

    Rewrite content in a different style or language.

  • Text classification

    Classify intent in customer chat logs, support tickets, and more.

  • Search

    Search call transcripts, internal knowledge sources, and other large corpuses of data to answer questions from users.

“Customer experience is the biggest cost center in any organization. With dozens of support engineers answering hundreds of chats per day, being able to automate time-consuming activities using generative AI, like summarizing support tickets, means our support engineers can instead spend those thousands of hours per year focused on increasing customer satisfaction and reducing time to results.”

Urvashi Sheth
Chief Customer Officer, Intermedia

“In line with one of our values—innovation—we encourage Singlifers to come up with innovative solutions to everyday business problems using emerging technologies like generative artificial intelligence. Singlife collaborated with Oracle and OCI to develop proof of concepts for our internal competition, the #BetterIdea Challenge. These solutions cut across different domains, ranging from chatbot and document analysis to AI-assisted recommendations.”

Varun Mittal
Head of Innovation and Ecosystem, Singlife

January 23, 2024

The future of generative AI: What enterprises need to know

Greg Pavlik, Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The advent of powerful cloud infrastructures combined with advanced GPUs has enabled us to push the boundaries of technology with AI. Over the last year, generative AI models trained and retrained on huge amounts of data from the internet have astounded us with their capabilities. Now, we’re watching generative AI create text, generate SQL queries, write code, create artwork, and assist in product support—all of which seemed impossible just a few years ago. These feats have captured the imagination of enterprise executives who see immense potential to improve productivity and revenue with generative AI.

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Oracle 針對大多數 AI 服務以及價值 300 美元的免費點數,提供免費的試用帳戶,試用額外的雲端服務。取得詳細資料,並立即註冊您的免費帳戶。

  • 哪些 Oracle AI and ML 服務提供免費的定價等級?

    • OCI Speech
    • OCI Language
    • OCI 願景
    • OCI 文件理解
    • OCI Anomaly Detection
    • Oracle Database 中的機器學習功能
    • OCI 資料標籤

    而且,只會支付 OCI 資料科學的運算和儲存體費用。

瞭解 AI 實機操作實驗室

學習的最佳方法是自行嘗試。使用我們的教學課程和實作實驗室與您自己的 Oracle Cloud 租用環境,許多服務不額外收費。

  • 運用加速的資料科學 SDK 加速資料科學

    探索 OCI Data Science 的概念,藉此提升工作流程效率並提高生產力。

  • OCI Anomaly Detection 簡介

    只需要幾個步驟即可建置機器學習模型,以偵測 OCI Anomaly Detection 在生產環境中的異常。

  • OCI Language 簡介

    探索 OCI Language 並執行 NLP 作業,例如偵測語言、擷取關鍵元素、分類意圖,以及利用幾個簡單步驟來偵測文字中的情感。

  • 為您的企業打造完美的數位助理

    瞭解如何在 Oracle Digital Assistant 中使用多個聊天機器人和數位助理。


AI 認證

參加 OCI AI Foundations 認證考試

接受 AI、機器學習、深度學習和生成式 AI 的相關訓練,並免費獲取 OCI AI 認證。

  • 完成本課程後,您將可具備下列能力

    • 瞭解並描述 AI 概念與工作負載
    • 說明機器學習的重要概念和術語
    • 說明深度學習的重要概念和術語
    • 辨識常見的機器學習類型
    • 瞭解生成式 AI 的基本概念
    • 瞭解大型語言模型的概念
    • 說明大型語言模型的提示工程和微調
    • 描述 Oracle AI 基礎架構
    • 描述 Oracle AI 服務



Aon 在追求數位轉型的過程中面臨挑戰,需要從大量的非結構化客戶意見回饋中獲取寶貴見解。借助 OCI Language 的文字分析,Aon 簡化了擷取情感和關鍵字等流程,並因此得以改善產品、提升服務,並達成集中管理客戶服務的目標。


澳洲的研究機構大致擁抱 OCI Data Science,能發揮彈性和擴展性,發掘新的洞察力,並且更快地執行分析。


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