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Opower Technology and Opower X

Opower technology powers a suite of engagement solutions to influence utility customer action at scale. Utilities and third parties can use that technology to amplify outcomes across the enterprise.

Learn how Opower helps utilities move the metrics that matter.

Opower technology products

Meeting decarbonization goals on time will require an all-hands-on-deck approach. Creating an ecosystem of partners to offer the right products at the right time to the right customer often puts a strain on IT resources. Opower removes that strain and makes data sharing, insight generation, and customization easy.

Effective outbound communications

Opower uses techniques informed by behavioral science to design custom email and print campaigns that lead to customer action and education. Use disaggregation insights and one-click secure access to get results.

Upgrade your web portal

Create digital customer journeys that extend beyond the standard Opower experience. Add new energy usage dimensions to your data browser, including solar generation data.

Derive insights for your business

The same data scientists who developed the Opower deep learning models can apply their expertise to solve new problems. For example, develop new metrics to reach your most vulnerable customers.

360-degree customer views

Opower Analytics Visualization and Discovery puts hundreds of up-to-date customer attributes at your fingertips for analysis. Ensure your promotions are going to the right customers at the right time with segmentation and targeting.

Reduce IT burden

Opower Analytics Visualization and Discovery brings together key utility data and Opower-generated insights into one simple-to-use application, making it easy to access key insights. No more going back and forth with IT to get the latest data or extracts.

Appliance disaggregation

Move beyond general marketing and promotions by getting specific with appliance disaggregation. Understand who is using which appliance and how much energy it’s using. Use this information for appliance upgrade promotions or to design new rates for your customers.

Simplify customer authentication processes

Opower Integration Hub federates utility customer identities to support single sign-on access to third-party applications. Remove the authentication barrier that often prevents customer enrollment and purchases of utility partner offerings.

On-demand access to customer data and insights

Partners can access relevant data and insights on demand through GraphQL APIs for personalized experiences and relevant offers. No need to burden IT with setting up new integrations or dealing with custom extracts.

Partners to get you started

Utilities can add new partners or enhance experiences for current partners with Opower Integration Hub. Opower has vetted various vendors that provide utility services including marketplaces, demand response programs, and solar calculators. These providers are part of the Opower partner network and are a great way to pilot a new service or product with utility customers.

Opower technology and Opower X benefits

01Industry-leading insights for your enterprise

Opower has delivered utility customer value for more than a decade. The platform that powers Home Energy Reports, Behavioral Load Shaping, and a suite of other products can be customized and extended to enhance utility (CRM and marketing automation) and third-party offerings.

02Reduced burden on internal resources

Utilities only need to build a single integration with Opower. Opower and utility partners handle the rest. This frees up internal resources to focus on other higher priority tasks.

03Customizable and scalable solutions

Opower technology is customizable through Opower X to meet the unique needs of each utility. Our solutions are easily scalable from thousands of customers to millions of customers to ensure utilities meet their goals and targets.

04Seamless customer experiences

Increase customer engagement and drive adoption of new products and services with streamlined experiences. Opower removes the authentication barrier and ensures all customer experiences can be personalized with the right insights and messaging.

Get started with Opower energy efficiency products

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