The About Page includes a variety of cloud services information important for the user to know, ranging from legal notices to release information.

About Page information is read-only content that is typically presented as a modal page, as opposed to a modal dialog. This makes it less likely the user will resize a dialog in order to more conveniently see content, or find and use a dialog scroll bar rather than the browser scroll bar on a mobile device.

The following image presents an example About Page.

Example About page, which presents all the information in the content area of the page

About Page categories may be segmented in several ways:

The following image is a example About Page with categories segmented by navigation controls.

Example About page, with salient category names listed on the left of a two-column page, from which to navigate. Selected subject names appear in the content area of the window.

Access Point

In the Oracle Alta UI, the About Page is presented as a User Menu item. Links used in a page footer may also point to the About Page.

An open User Menu, whose items include a link to the About page.

See the Footer pattern for details about when a copyright notice must appear in a footer rather than in the About Page. See the Additional Resources section for the required syntax of a copyright notice.

In the About Page the user is returned to the calling page by clicking the Done button. In this sense, the About Page operates like a dialog.

The following image shows the call and return, linear navigation path of an About Page launched from the User Menu.

Illustration of unauthenticated and authenticated end user preference page flow