A form may consist of data that is read-only, editable, or both. In the Oracle Alta UI, forms are the primary place where users interact with an application to complete tasks. For example, forms are used to enter shipping or credit card data to order a product.

Forms often appear within the Content Area, and can contain checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, and buttons, among other items.

Form Contexts

Forms can appear in any number of contexts, including within:

The page that contains the form should have a page header that identifies the principle object or purpose for the page. That page may also have a toolbar of page-level actions (for example, Save or Close). Beneath the page header, the form may subdivide into sections. Each section is identified by a header as well.

Characteristics of an Oracle Alta UI Form

The following example image shows a form within the context of a page.

A page with a variety of elements, including a set of input Forms

Placeholder Text

Forms may also include the use of placeholder text, either as instructional text or as a prompt in a label-value pair. For more details, see the User Assistance pattern Inline and Placeholder Text.

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