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Oracle Modern Best Practice for Digital Field Service

Three Things Field Service Should Know About the Internet of Things
Three Things Field Service Should Know About the Internet of Things

Delight customers and reduce costs with field service powered by the Internet of Things.

Startups on Solid Ground
Field Service Transformation

Companies across industries are profiting from cloud-based, mobile-enabled field service management.

Oracle Modern Best Practice
Mobile Field Service

Mobile devices, wearables, self-driving vehicles, drones, and the Internet of Things help to connect and improve field service.

Maximize the Value of Your Asset Data

Innovation is Everything

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance: Mission-Critical Operations at the Competitive Edge

Digital Field Service uses data collected from device sensors connected to the Internet of Things to remotely monitor, upgrade, repair and control assets (such as oil sensors, HVAC units, and home medical devices). This real-time data can be used to predict and prevent breakdowns—reducing downtime by as much as 50 percent.*

That’s only part of the story. To date, this data has been extremely underutilized, despite its potential to improve business process flow, optimize resources, and drive revenue and innovation—all while increasing customer satisfaction. Why? The Internet of Things generates an enormous volume of data at high velocity; data that needs to be processed and contextualized on the fly.

By securing, analyzing, and integrating data gathered from sensors with processes and applications throughout your organization, cloud technology—specifically Platform as a Service (PaaS)—helps you get maximum value from your asset data.

*Source: McKinsey & Company: The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value Beyond the Hype, 2015.

Extend Insights Throughout Your Organization

Optimize Service Resolution, Revenue Growth, Resource Utilization, and Efficiency

Predictive Maintenance and Service Efficiency

Predictive Maintenance and Service Efficiency

Identify potential issues before they become problems by analyzing sensor data and social media chatter. Leverage a centralized knowledge base to determine the best solution. Resolve more issues remotely: limiting the need for additional personnel, equipment, and deployment costs, while increasing first-time fix-rates—and customer satisfaction.

Drive Innovation and Revenue

Drive Innovation and Revenue

59 percent of the Best-in-Class organizations use the Internet of Things to create new service offerings.* Using sensor data, you can gain further insight into customer usage and service to cross-sell, upsell, personalize campaigns, improve product lines, and speed time to market.

*Source: Aberdeen Group: The Internet of Things and Field Service Innovation, May 2016.

Optimize Resources

Optimize Resources

With insight into asset use and service issues, you can match the skillset, tools, and processes needed to provide efficient and effective service. Manage schedules, order spare parts, enter counter readings, and record material, costs, and labor using mobile technology—even when offline.

Connect the Supply Chain

Connect the Supply Chain

Use sensors to track asset transport, machine usage, and construction progress for full visibility of complex capital projects. Align dependencies, track task progress, and make better decisions based on real-time Internet of Things data.

Improve Logistics Visibility

Improve Logistics Visibility

Gain visibility and control of your overall transportation network—and optimize service levels—by leveraging the sensor data used in logistics as well as service.

Ensure Accurate Account of Assets, Billing, and Revenue

Ensure Accurate Account of Assets, Billing, and Revenue

Use real-time sensor data to keep an up-to-date, accurate account of your assets and your customers’ assets to better manage asset lifecycles, billing, Service Level Agreements, and contracts.

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