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ERP for Industries


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Financial Services

The pace and depth of change engulfing the financial services industry today is greater than ever before. Customer demands are shifting, technology advances are disrupting longstanding business models, and the compliance burden keeps growing.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud offers a complete, innovative, and proven solution for organizations of all sizes that want to thrive in the digital economy. Designed to grow with you, Oracle ERP CLoud manages accounting, revenue recognition, risk management, governance, compliance, procurement, project planning, tax reporting, the financial close, and more.


ERP for Healthcare


As the healthcare industry changes and the number of providers continues to consolidate, those organizations that are left must grow to respond to the populations they serve.

Modern ERP for healthcare must be able to scale and adapt to organizations of all sizes—especially smaller and midsize providers and payers. Having an agile, cloud-based ERP system that quickly and easily integrates workflows and analytics is an asset to your organization and a key to success.


Industries for Higher Education

Higher Education

Like most industries, education is experiencing the consumerization of IT, which means that students, faculty, and staff expect to have mobile access to increasing quantities of information, social and collaboration applications, analytics, and 24/7 support. Your on-premises ERP system may well be holding your institution back from becoming a modern, agile institution ready to achieve its core mission—teaching, learning, and research.

Oracle's unified cloud services are intuitive, elegant, and native to the cloud. They also reflect more than twenty-five years of experience and deep partnerships with leaders in higher education.



Industry 4.0 will completely change the nature of the manufacturing supply chain—from product design right through to customer delivery. Manufacturers must view themselves as product and service companies. This combination will enable businesses to offer more compelling propositions to their customers and open up new revenue streams. Such an approach is enabled through the technologies of Industry 4.0, such as the Internet of Things (IoT).


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