Oracle Cloud Is Faster.
We Can Prove It.

Benchmarks prove that Oracle Cloud delivers a performance advantage. So do our customers. But don’t just take our word for it. Let us prove it to you.

Create an account and set up your tenancy (if you don’t already have one), then run a benchmark to experience the performance for yourself.

Run a benchmark and win a free pass to Oracle OpenWorld 2019

Oracle Cloud Delivers Performance, Not Surprises

Run a benchmark and see for yourself.

Demanding enterprise applications need consistent, predictable, and fast performance. That’s what the second-generation of Oracle Cloud delivers.

Let us prove it. We’ve provided benchmarking instructions, (including the same parameters we used), so you can measure the performance of your workloads. It’s easy to start:

  1. Create a free trial account if you don’t already have one
  2. Set up your tenancy
  3. Run a benchmark

Why is Oracle Cloud So Much Faster?

Network diagram

Oracle’s highly scalable, flat network design limits the number of network hops between compute and storage to a maximum of two. Combined with no network or CPU over-subscription, this means you get a low-latency network with predictable performance.

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Oracle Autonomous Cloud
With 99.995% reliability and availability, Oracle Autonomous Database is better too.

AWS Versus Oracle

The numbers speak for themselves.*

AWS IOPS Performance

Oracle Cloud IOPS Performance

Oracle Performance Advantage

Oracle Database workload using remote block storage 51,261 255,000 5x
Oracle Database workload using local SSD storage 458,675 1,043,104 2x
MS SQL 840,731 1,684,869 2x
4K random write workload 1,439,928 3,232,215 2x
VDI LC initial login workload 93,485 242,778 2x

*Based on independent benchmarks conducted by StorageReview in March and August 2018.

Oracle Customer Successes

From growing startup to long-standing enterprise, our customers rely on Oracle Cloud offerings to give them the savings, reliability, and performance other cloud providers simply can’t deliver.

OceanX gained 3x performance by migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from AWS.

Alliance Data Systems moved to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, saving them $1M+ per year.

Darling Ingredients gained 2x performance increases from their previous hosted solution.

YellowDog supercharged their rendering performance with results 2x as fast as on AWS.