Outside In PDF Export

PDF Export is a cross-platform, application-independent PDF conversion solution that can convert any of the 600+ Outside In supported formats into PDF.

    • Application-independent: includes its own rendering engine so it does not require native applications to generate PDF which simplifies workflow and decreases cost.
    • Cross platform: available on Linux, Solaris and Windows providing implementation flexibility.
    • PDF/A capable: can optionally output PDF conforming to the PDF/A (Archive) specification which is particularly beneficial to our OEM partners in the compliance, archiving and legal markets.
    • Interoperable with other Outside In Technology SDKs: for example, the offset information of text extracted using one of the search enabling SDKs can be used to apply hit-highlighting in the PDF output.
    • Numerous user options such as page range and size specification, programmatic addition of non-transparent watermarks, output resolution control, and many others.
    • Its use is appropriate for content mangement, document management, web publishing, or any application that can benefit from application independent, server-based PDF conversion.
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