Class Of Solutions Engineer Onboarding

The Class Of SE onboarding program helps recent college graduates quickly architect, develop, and demonstrate Oracle solutions. Attendees ensure that these solutions are based on functional and technical requirements, differentiate key capabilities, and address business challenges.

The program includes a mix of elearning, self-study, instructor-led workshops, and a four-day in-person boot camp, with a capstone deliverable of a targeted and customized solution demonstration and presentation.


Target Audience: Recent or soon-to-be college grads
Duration: 9 weeks
Delivery: Elearning, instructor-led workshops, self-study, boot camp, and exam


Topics Covered

Acquire the Skills

  • Pillar, product, and cross-pillar fluency
  • Demonstration tools, platforms, and skills
  • Validating functional and technical requirements
  • Architecting solutions to solve business problems
  • Interacting with internal and external customers
  • Productivity systems, tools, and resources
  • Designing, building, and delivering customized cross-pillar solutions

Program Highlights

Fine-Tune Your Skills

  • Achieve engagement readiness in nine weeks
  • Apply software development to job activities
  • Highly focused on portfolio and product fluency
  • Identify and execute on high-value opportunities
  • Develop and deliver highly effective and customized cross-pillar customer demonstrations
  • Leverage tools, techniques, and skills to support and accelerate opportunities


Weeks 1 to 2

  • Oracle orientation and productivity resources
  • Pillar and product fluency
  • Laptop and badges
  • Critical tools and resources fluency
  • Business, industry, IT, and persona fundamentals

Solution Training

Weeks 3 to 6

  • Cloud fundamentals
  • Oracle Cloud differentiation
  • Platform and infrastructure
  • Pillar, product, and solution foundation
  • Product and solution deep-dive specialization

Boot Camp

Weeks 7 to 9

  • Professional skills training
  • As a team, architect and build a cross-pillar solution, leading practices for your role at Oracle
  • Team delivery of a customized cross-pillar solution demonstration