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Why Join Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Built for the Enterprise

Enterprises face tough decisions when it comes to the future of their application portfolios. With Oracle, they can truly move, build, and run their entire application portfolios in the cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps customers migrate traditional applications without architecture changes and enables them to build new, cloud-native applications. Virtual machines and bare metal servers are accessible through the same portal and APIs, enabling the construction of solutions that deliver superior performance.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has been constructed with an entrepreneurial spirit that promotes an energetic and creative environment. Are you as passionate about the cloud as we are? Our business is growing, creating openings in all departments. Check out the opportunities below and create the future with us.


  • Security Products Team

    Security Products

    We build the security solutions customers use to protect themselves in the cloud.

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  • Platform Team


    We build scalable services, integrated into public cloud.

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  • Security Operations Team

    Security Group

    We protect customers and their data.

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  • Customer Operations Team

    Customer Operations Team

    We own the relationship between customers and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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  • Outbound Product Management Team

    Outbound Product Management

    We lead the market-facing aspects of product management.

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  • Inbound Product Management Team

    Inbound Product Management

    We make our platform a leading player in the cloud market.

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  • UDX


    We build services and tools that make our cloud easy to use.

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  • Block Storage

    Block Storage

    We provide persistent block-level storage.

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  • Tech Content & Training

    Tech Content and Training

    We show customers why we offer the best platform for them.

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  • Compute, VMs & Card Management

    Compute, VMs and Card Management

    We provide scalable and elastic computing power.

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  • Object Storage

    Object Storage

    We provide unlimited scale for storing unstructured data.

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  • Load Balancer

    Load Balancer

    We increase the overall capacity of applications.

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  • Database as a Service

    Database as a Service

    We help customers deploy Oracle databases in our platform.

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  • DC Ops (Region Expansion)

    DC Ops (Region Expansion)

    We select, build, and operate global data centers.

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  • Networking


    We deliver high-performance network connectivity.

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  • Business Operations

    Business Operations

    We’re responsible for providing data-driven insights.

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  • File Storage Service

    File Storage Service

    We deliver file storage to customers.

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  • Network SW Development

    Network SW Development

    We deliver network services based on X86 hardware.

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  • Next Layer Svc

    Next Layer Svc

    We build tools and services for cloud-native customers.

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  • GOV, Risk and Compliance

    GOV, Risk and Compliance

    We build operational excellence and regulatory compliance.

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  • Edge Services

    Edge Services

    We focus on building innovative product solutions.

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