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Oracle Social Cloud vs. Sprinklr Social Comparison

Sprinklr Social CRM vs. Oracle Social Cloud
Move to the World's Most
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Compare Oracle Social Cloud with Sprinklr

Request a live demo to see why Oracle Social Cloud provides a better solution than Sprinklr. Get an inside look at how Oracle Social Cloud delivers innovations that enable you to leverage social media in all parts of your organization—marketing to service, sales, and commerce—to get better social insights, create better content, scale customer service, and realize faster sales growth on social media.

  Oracle Social Cloud Sprinklr
"Out-of-Box" Integration with CX/CRM Applications Yes No
Complete Marketing Automation Yes No
Listening Technology LSA+NLP+Boolean NLP
Social Intent Indicators Yes No
Global Language Support 31 Languages Limited
Easy to Use Yes No
Complete eCommerce Solution Yes No

Make Your Enterprise a Social Enterprise—with Oracle Social Cloud

Scale and manage your relationship with customers on social channels. Oracle Social Cloud is social media management software that enables you to get better social insights, create better content, scale customer service, and realize faster sales growth on social media. And it's far superior to Sprinklr. Here's why:

  • Integration with Customer Experience (CX) Applications
    Offer your customers a seamless experience as they interact with your brand on marketing, sales, social, commerce, and service channels. Oracle Social Cloud is integrated "out-of-the-box" with Oracle CX applications. This integration enables you to manage every touchpoint your customer has with your brand to ensure a personalized—yet consistent—customer experience.
  • Complete Marketing Automation
    Unify your marketing automation system with your social media management software. Oracle Social Cloud's integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud enables you to manage multichannel campaigns spanning web, e-mail, mobile, and social in one place. Analytics flow into a single dashboard for a quick glance at marketing performance across multiple marketing channels.
  • Listening Technology and Accuracy
    Weed out irrelevant posts about your brand and industry. Oracle Social Cloud is the only social software vendor that uses advanced Latent Symantec Analysis (LSA) + Natural Language Processing (NLP) + Boolean listening technology. Your social listening feed will contain fewer "junk" or "spam" posts than competitors' solutions. This enables you to get accurate insights about your business quickly.
  • Social Intent Indicators
    Get deeper social insights with "Indicators." Oracle Social Cloud analyzes customer intent with a unique feature we call "Indicators." Rather than doing plain sentiment analysis, which is often times inaccurate, learn if customers are intending to purchase your product, what they like and don't like about your brand, or if there are any urgent customer service issues to attend to. You can even set up custom "Indicators" for your particular brand, products, or industry.
  • Global Language Support
    Listen to customers around the world and work with global teams. Oracle Social Cloud does social listening in 20+ languages and the user interface is translated in 31+ languages. Get social insights from non-English speaking customers—including Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.
  • Easy to Use
    Create listening topics, add users, and set up workflows yourself. Oracle Social Cloud has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use. Also, our extensive online help files and professional services team are available to assist you with your implementation.
  • Complete e-Commerce Solution
    Set up a Facebook store to sell promoted items. Oracle Social Cloud is integrated with Oracle Commerce. Easily push items from your web store catalog to your social store catalog in a few clicks. Inventory, payment data, tax policies, and checkout options remain consistent between your online store and social store, giving customers a frictionless shopping experience.

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