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Conversational AI for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM)

An intelligent assistant that reshapes the way employees access
and interact with critical back-office systems.

Conversational finance and operations

As chatbot-to-human interactions become more commonplace, employees and business partners expect enterprise applications to offer the same easy-to-use, personalized experiences. Oracle Digital Assistant raises the bar with conversational AI that enhances the user experience through natural language processing and Oracle Voice.

Using a digital assistant with Oracle Cloud ERP and SCM increases employee productivity by automating customer and employee support tasks—guiding users, providing instant responses, delivering faster analysis, and making smart recommendations. Most important—all interactions are completely secure and private.

Digital Assistant makes it easy for ERP to interact with many systems

As the system of record, your ERP needs to interact with many other systems in your organization. But connecting data, processes, and user interfaces from different applications can create bottlenecks, putting critical, time-sensitive deadlines in jeopardy. A single, digital assistant seamlessly guides and routes users across your enterprise applications to access data and complete tasks faster, increasing your overall efficiency.

Automate mundane tasks with an AI-driven digital assistant

Focus your limited time and resources on strategic initiatives instead of navigating your financial systems. Oracle Digital Assistant quickly guides users through expense submission workflow, automatically enforcing policies, and giving your users convenience on the fly. With it, project managers are freed from tactical project management work to focus on project results that deliver business value and align with strategic objectives.

Streamline access to real-time, intelligent data

Legacy systems and poor visibility make it challenging for stakeholders to collaborate, and share resources, responsibilities, and performance metrics to satisfy demanding customers. Oracle Digital Assistant gives authorized users easy access to back-office information and reduces support team workload. Using an intelligent voice assistant, your customers and employees can monitor complex, dynamic, supply chain activities—such as orders and shipments—all in real time. Even on the go.

Fully extensible and adaptable to fit your requirements

Get up and running fast with prebuilt skills available with Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud SCM. For Oracle on-premises systems, PeopleSoft offers prebuilt bot templates and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has sample templates for rapid adoption. These skills can be easily extended and are upgrade safe.

If your business needs further modifications, you can build your own custom skills with the same Oracle Digital Assistant platform used to deliver the prebuilt skills. The platform is built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, ensuring your security and privacy.

Explore out-of-the-box functionality

Key transactions

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  • Guide employees through complete expense workflow
  • Enforce adherence to expense policies
  • Provide convenience to upload required receipts on the fly
  • Automatically submits expenses for approval

Project management

  • Capture project time entries
  • Manage the status of deliverables, tasks, and project issues
  • Provides project managers with the latest project information, general execution tasks, and financial status


  • Gain easy access to order and shipment information on mobile devices
  • Instant access to an overview of all in-transit orders
  • Drill down to see order and shipment details
  • View the latest status and location based on GPS updates sent to Oracle Transportation and Global Trade Management Cloud

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