Oracle Run and Operate Services

Oracle run and operate services is a powerful element of what Oracle Customer Success Services (CSS) offers. CSS helps you run and operate your IT environment at peak efficiency by providing the hands-on assistance you need to execute infrastructure, database, and application initiatives successfully. CSS sustains that success with continuous innovation and optimization. It doesn’t matter how much or how little assistance you need, CSS works with you to understand your unique requirements and strategic goals to drive your business forward.

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City of Tampa on the benefits of Oracle Customer Success Services

Russell Haupert, City of Tampa CIO and CTO, joins Oracle TV at CloudWorld to discuss how Oracle Customer Success Services helps their organization with day-to-day cloud operations.

  • Targeted services

    If you’re successfully managing your daily IT infrastructure but have an area or two where you could use specific expertise, CSS can provide targeted services such as technical guidance, help with roadmap planning, and prioritized support during system outages or impairments.

  • Jointly managed services

    As you grow your business, you may find you need extra help to bridge personnel and expertise gaps. With designated technical account managers, advanced monitoring and ongoing business reviews, CSS is ready to work side by side with you to handle any challenge.

  • Fully managed services

    Many companies find that, while managing applications, databases, and cloud infrastructure is important, they need their staff to focus on new projects and strategic priorities. CSS can run the whole show and let your business focus on what matters most.

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“Customer Success Services is like part of the Kraft Heinz family. They have intimate knowledge of the Oracle suite of applications.”

Eric Mendez Director, IT Finance, M&A and Master Data, The Kraft Heinz Company

Explore Oracle Run and Operate Services

  • Run and Operate Services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    CSS supports your entire Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and distributed cloud environment, letting you offload your routine operational and technical administrative responsibilities for networks, servers, databases, middleware, and storage. You can focus on strategic IT initiatives and gain peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring and proven processes for capacity planning, patching, backup, and restoration.

  • Run and Operate Services for Oracle Cloud Applications

    CSS helps you get the most out of your Oracle Cloud Applications by providing users with tailored functional support and proactive technical guidance. Ensure the business continuity of your critical processes and workflows by optimizing integrations and extensions. You can quickly take advantage of each new quarterly release with extra resources and tools to make your operations more efficient.

  • Oracle Managed Security Services

    Oracle managed security services helps organizations protect their data in Oracle Cloud or on-premises and meet their internal security and regulatory requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner. End-to-end security services include design, implementation, ongoing management, monitoring, and reporting to help detect and address hidden vulnerabilities proactively before they can become a threat.

Why choose Oracle Run and Operate Services?

  • Unparalleled expertise

    Tap into the world’s top Oracle Cloud experts whenever you need them to reap the full benefits of working with Oracle.

  • Increased efficiency

    By applying automation, proven methodologies, and global scale, CSS can provide a lower-cost option compared with managing these administrative and operational tasks in-house.

  • Personalized support

    Work directly with a designated technical account manager for proactive, prioritized issue resolution and to help optimize your IT ecosystem.

  • Optimized performance

    Access performance boosting technology that analyzes and detects inefficient processes and bottlenecks to recommend remediation.

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Oracle Run and Operate Services solves challenges

  • Talent shortages

    Supplement your internal teams and fill in resource gaps where needed to get the heavy lifting done and quickly achieve your goals.

  • New technology adoption

    Architect sophisticated cloud-based systems and applications that can scale easily, add new capabilities frequently, and support long-term growth.

  • Risk mitigation

    Leverage proven incident management practices and prioritized SLAs to ensure product and system availability 24/7.

  • Security threats

    Combat ever-changing security challenges with effective controls, governance, and compliance measures.

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