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Oracle Customer Success—CaixaBank


CaixaBank Maximizes Big Data Business Value and Improves Analytics, Agility, Service, and Organizational Efficiency


Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Advanced Analytics, and Oracle Real-Time Decisions enable us to quickly find patterns and correlations in our customers’ online interaction with us. We’ve improved our business agility and flexibility as well as our ability to know and serve our customers, ultimately focusing on creating value for them rather than solving IT issues.

— Luis Esteban Grifoll, Chief Data Officer, CaixaBank

CaixaBank is a leading Spanish retail bank and insurer with more than 13.8 million customers, 9,700 ATMs, and 5,300 branches. Centering on delivering customer service through innovation and technology, CaixaBank is one of Europe’s leading banks with 4.2 million active internet banking users and 2.6 million mobile bank clients. The bank received the Innovative Spirit Award at the 2014 Global Banking Innovation Awards, selected by Bank Administration Institute and Finacle. CaixaBank was also named Best Retail Bank for Technology Innovation by Euromoney magazine in 2013 and 2014.

Business Challenge
  • Integrate data from bank branches, ATMs, and internet and mobile banking to gain a complete understanding of customers and offer personalized banking solutions—gaining in customer loyalty and business competitiveness
  • Improve messaging to reach customers more effectively, better informing them of new bank services and products to boost sales
  • Implement a flexible, adaptable, scalable, and future-proof solution to ensure the bank’s competitiveness and ability to adapt to changes in business strategy or banking sector regulations
  • Input, manage, and analyze massive amounts of diverse data from both external and internal sources, efficiently and effectively extending traditional analysis with latest technologies to discover information, trends, and patterns, regardless of data source or format
  • Make a complex and expensive data extraction and transformation process agile and flexible, improving time-to-market and enabling the bank to quickly analyze, decide, adapt, and act as the business, its sector, and customers become data-oriented and mobile
  • Provide employees with access to non-sensitive information to promote creativity and innovation and improve productivity
  • Gained the ability to find new data patterns, correlations, uses, and transformations using Oracle Advanced Analytics, boosting the bank’s agility, flexibility, and time-to-market and enabling it to quickly make decisions and implement changes to respond to business strategies and adapt to evolving banking regulations
  • Provided a complete, unified view of all internal and external data relevant to the bank’s business needs—including institutional reports, information sources, quality assurance data, security data, standardization data, IT applications, business structure data, and analysis results—enabling it to optimize resources, saving time and costs
  • Enabled authorized users to easily share and access information, providing a structured platform that enables bank employees to submit suggestions and creative solutions and their superiors to follow up and implement changes

Why They Chose Oracle

CaixaBank needed a solution that would enable it to add value to their business and adapt to an evolving sector quickly and seamlessly. Oracle provides a solution that responds to the bank’s need for cutting edge information management, enabling it to gain a 360° understanding of their customers from internal and external data to offer them tailored, on-demand solutions.


Oracle’s Big Data solutions outperform the options we considered from other suppliers while considerably reducing our total cost of ownership. Especially given our focus on customer-oriented innovation, our Oracle solutions enable us to focus on providing our customers with added value knowing our cutting-edge technology gives us a competitive edge.

— Luis Esteban Grifoll, Chief Data Officer, CaixaBank


CaixaBank required a pragmatic, progressive, and non-intrusive transformation process that keeps operations safe while delivering results quickly. Oracle organized three workshops with CaixaBank executives to understand the bank’s current position and develop a vision for the project. Leading from divergent thinking—opening up to new possibilities—to convergent thinking—refining the different possibilities into potential solutions—the three workshops enabled CaixaBank and Oracle to understand the challenge, prioritize key business initiatives, and define solutions that enable the bank to strategically address future challenges.

About CaixaBank


Barcelona, Spain



Annual Revenue

Over $5 Billion
Published:  Aug 26, 2015