Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
Oracle Announces Next-Generation Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Introducing the fifth-generation Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle ZS5 Series, the premier NAS system for on premises and cloud environments. ZS5 Series delivers extreme performance and superior efficiency for enterprise applications. And, it’s ready for the cloud when you are.

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Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is based on an innovative, memory-centric storage architecture and symmetric multiprocessing operating system that delivers unparalleled NAS performance, efficiency, and value. It is coengineered with Oracle’s converged infrastructure stack to accelerate Oracle Database production and DevTest environments, and provide unique capabilities that automate the tuning, management, and performance, from on premises to the cloud.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance architecture is powered by a multithreaded SMP operating system, with massive DRAM caches that can immediately serve 70 to 90 percent of IOs, enabling applications to respond immediately to your queries or your customer’s transactions. Because of its fast responsiveness, the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance can be used in cloud environments or on premises for a variety of demanding workloads including business analytics and data warehouses, DevTest, data protection, and virtualization.

Oracle ZFS Storage Software

Oracle ZFS Storage Software

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance provides unique capabilities that are coengineered with Oracle Database, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Oracle Key Manager to dramatically reduce complexity, increase DBA productivity and improve security in multitenant cloud environments. Oracle ZFS Storage is the only storage system that actively communicates with Oracle Database to automatically tune itself and provide storage analytics and management at the pluggable database level within Oracle Database 12c, the first database designed for the cloud.

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Extreme Enterprise NAS Performance and Efficiency at Incredibly Low Prices

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance offers cost-efficient storage that provides enterprises with the right balance between reasonable cost and exceptional performance.

Dimension Data Case Study

Case Study

Dimension Data Cuts OPEX 70%

Dimension Data cuts operational expenditures by 70percent and reduces backup times by 7x with a secure, multitenant It services platform using Oracle’s converged infrastructure stack.

ESG Lab Brief: Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4

Analyst Report

ESG Lab Brief: Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 results

ESG Lab validated the next-generation performance and cost benefits of Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 Appliance.

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