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Connect your field service workers

Figure 1: Chat with multiple users using the collaboration mobile interface.
Figure 1: Chat with multiple users

Communicate with other field service employees, supervisors, or helpdesk staff, directly through your field service mobile application. Oracle Field Service’s context-aware collaboration tools let field service staff:

  • Share job details, activities, or inventory
  • Exchange knowledge with other field workers or help desk agents
  • Locate nearby resources
  • Broadcast group messages
  • Initiate and participate in group chats
  • View conference or one-on-one chat histories

These contextual chat capabilities automatically connect users to the most appropriate person based on their current location, job type, or required skills. This instant-message–like feature allows field employees to connect, share information, and reassign work with drag-and-drop ease.

Field Service collaboration benefits

  • Efficiently resolve problems by automatically considering the context of each request by location, skill, work type, and required parts or equipment
  • Enable peer-to-peer collaboration and sharing in the field
  • Streamline communication between management, dispatch, and field technicians
  • Enable rapid field adoption with an easy-to-use interface using familiar chat and drag-and-drop functionality

Contextual, flexible collaboration and management

When managers and field employees collaborate, it speeds up problem resolution and reduces costly, time-consuming phone-based coordination. With Oracle Field Service’s virtual help desk interface, field employees can resolve issues quickly by leveraging the knowledge of their peers, resulting in a more efficient workforce and more completed jobs per day.

Users can broadcast important messages—safety warnings, traffic information, meeting reminders, and work requests—to selected groups or the entire field-based team. Requests can be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. With field workers collaborating, back-office staff is able to focus on strategic, mission-critical tasks.

A patented engine collects time-based measurements on all field events and then uses those measurements to create a performance pattern profile or "work fingerprint" for each employee. Oracle Field Service leverages the data contained in these fingerprints to provide context for collaboration, so that employees always make the best connection to solve issues in the field.

Figure 2: Simplify communication between field service workers, making it easy for them to share job details and locations, swap inventory, contact help desk/dispatch for support, and receive broadcasts.
Figure 2: Simplify communication between field service workers, making it easy for them to share job details and locations, swap inventory, contact help desk/dispatch for support, and receive broadcasts.

Oracle Field Service collaboration features

  • Automatic connections between users based on contextual and location-based information, so employees always know who is nearby or who is most appropriate to assign to a task
  • Context-driven chat between any users (field workers, dispatch, management, and helpdesk), allowing for peer collaboration and support
  • Virtual helpdesk functionality
  • Ability to accept inventory transfers, job (re)assignments, and share location with the click of a button
  • Secure, role-based communications with logs and time stamps to preserve a record of all interactions
  • The ability to quickly share important messages, available work projects, or high-priority job requests to the entire field which can then be accepted on a first-come, first-service basis

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