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Oracle Field Service—Forecasting

Accurately predict field service staffing needs

Accurately predict field service staffing needs

The forecasting capabilities in Oracle Field Service help you understand future service demand versus current capacity. Start making more data-driven, intelligent field staffing decisions to ensure that you're always prepared to meet customers’ needs.

Shift from capacity-driven to demand-driven field resource planning with predictive forecasting tools. Oracle Field Service analyzes historical trends so you can adjust field resources to accommodate changes in job volume and job types—for example, during peak seasons or seasonal campaign support.

Make smarter decisions about field hiring and training using actionable data on historical trends. Test “what-if” demand and capacity scenarios to see the impact of marketing campaigns and sales promotions, and because the data exists in Oracle Field Service there‚Äôs no need to import external data continuously.

Key benefits of Oracle Field Service forecasting tools

  • Understand when changes in demand will occur
  • Proactively assign field resources based on timely data
  • Reduce overtime and unnecessary staffing costs
  • Make more intelligent workforce planning, hiring, and training decisions
  • Eliminate the need for cumbersome data import processes

Plan and track real-world progress

For field service leaders tasked with meeting forecasting and workload management goals, Oracle Field Service helps them predict future demand, build long-term plans, and then track performance in real time. You can then adjust staffing levels as needed, so that you always meet customer expectations while reducing unnecessary expenses.

Key forecasting capabilities of Oracle Field Service

  • Historical trend analysis identifies trends and accurately predicts future demand
  • “What-if” demand and capacity scenarios testing for smarter decision-making
  • Gap analysis identifies training and hiring needs
  • Workforce data is embedded within Oracle Field Service and shared directly with the forecasting capabilities for better predictions

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