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New Features in Release 5.0

Oracle Application Express New Features in Release 5.0

The result of a two and a half year engineering effort, Oracle Application Express 5 represents the greatest advancement of Oracle Application Express (APEX) in its 10 year history. Oracle Application Express 5 enables customers to develop, design and deploy beautiful, responsive, database-driven desktop and mobile applications using only a browser.

Page Designer

Page Designer is a modern, intuitive and exceedingly powerful browser-based IDE. It is a completely new IDE designed to greatly improve developer's productivity, allowing you to very quickly develop and maintain your Application Express applications. Page Designer provides better visual representation or your application pages, and provides an entirely new way to develop pages on the fly, via intuitive drag and drop. The enhanced code editor provides SQL and PL/SQL validation with inline errors, auto completion, syntax highlighting, search and replace with regex support, complete with undo and redo support.

  • Cohesive User Experience With Page Designer, there is no context-switching when modifying multiple components. It is no longer necessary to drill into component pages simply to make changes. All modifications occur within Page Designer, where you can undo and redo changes as necessary, before saving your page.
  • Better Visual Representation You can gain an immediate understanding of how your regions and items are laid out within the Grid Layout. Changes to components on your page are immediately reflected across the Tree and Grid Layout Page Designer. Additionally, errors and warnings are immediately visible.
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Page Designer completely reimagines 'drag and drop' and provides an entirely new way to develop pages on the fly. In the Grid Layout pane, you can drag new components from the Component Gallery, or move and copy existing components around. In the Tree pane, you can drag to move and copy multiple components at a time.
  • Enhanced Code Editor It's never been easier to write code in Application Express. The new code editor provides SQL and PL/SQL validation with inline errors, auto completion, syntax highlighting, search and replace with regex support, complete with undo and redo support. You can even specify your preferences for tabs, indentation, and color scheme.

Universal Theme

Universal Theme is an all-new user interface for your applications that has been built from the ground up for Application Express 5. It is a simpler, yet more capable theme that does away with excessive templates and enables effortless customization using the built-in Theme Roller and Template Options. Universal Theme aims to empower developers to build modern, responsive, sophisticated applications without requiring expert knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

  • Theme Roller This flagship feature of Universal Theme enables easy customization of the look and feel of an application. You can tweak a number of style attributes and see changes applied to your application in real time. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can save your changes as a Theme Style directly to your app.
  • Template Options Easily customize the way buttons, regions, lists, and other template-based components appear. A single template can be displayed in several different ways using these options. Universal Theme enables developers to use fewer templates but build far more versatile applications.
  • Responsive Design Universal Theme has been designed to be responsive from the very beginning. You can build fully responsive apps that work flawlessly across a variety of screen sizes and form factors. Universal Theme includes key enhancements such as enabling complex form layout and using flexible grids.
  • Accessibility Universal Theme delivers most accessible user interface for applications built with Application Express. Theme Roller can be used to build accessible Theme Styles and includes built-in WCAG 2.0 color-contrast checking.

User Interface Enhancements

With the development of Universal Theme, there are also several enhancements to the handling of Themes and Templates. This release has features such as Theme Subscriptions, Template Options, Theme Styles, and much finer control over templates and the HTML emitted by the Application Express engine. It is now easier than ever to fully control the UI of your application.

All New Application Builder Design

Application Express 5 introduces a completely new user interface that is focused on improving user experience through simplicity and removal of clutter. The new design uses a beautiful new color palette, carefully crafted icons, vastly improved menus and navigation, better accessibility and keyboard support, more intuitive page layouts and much more.

Interactive Reports

Interactive Reports have been rebuilt from the ground up in Application Express 5, to enhance both developer and end-user capabilities. Now Interactive Report regions can be restyled using CSS, in a similar manner to other regions within Application Express.

  • Multiple Reports on a Page The previous limitation of only allowing one Interactive Report on a page has now been lifted, allowing developers to define any number of reports on a page. Each report is a separate, customizable region.
  • Pivot End-users can now define pivot reports directly within an Interactive Report. Instead of end-users downloading data from Application Express, and importing it back into Excel, just so they can perform a pivot on the data, they can now declaratively define a pivot on columns within their report.
  • Fixed Headers Interactive Reports now incorporate a 'Fixed To' attribute which allows developers to fix the report headings, on each report, to either the region or the page. Once set, the headings will remain visible irrespective of the current records being displayed.
  • Modernized Actions All of the conditions which end-users use to set their report display attributes, including filters, sorts, breaks, charts, and so forth, have been modernized. Each action now displays as a modal dialog, rather than pushing the records down on the page, and have been completely restyled to improve usability and functionality.
    When the conditions are minimized each condition name is still displayed, and inactive conditions are grayed out. This makes it far easier for end-users to understand what conditions are applied to their report.

Mobile Reporting

You can now build reports that display all of your data on any mobile device, by using reflow table or column toggle. Reflow table wraps each column or changes to displaying multiple lines on very small screens. Column toggle allows you to specify the most important columns, and those which will be hidden as necessary on smaller screens.

Modal Dialogs

Now you can easily define modal (and non-modal) pages complete with the ability to utilize standard page processes. No longer will you need to hack a page using JavaScript and performing a lot of hand-crafting. Instead just set the display type and appropriate template and let Application Express take care of the rest.

All New Calendar

The new calendar component comes with built in support for Month, Week, Day, and Agenda views, and is much easier to customize. The calendar is based on the popular FullCalendar library and supports drag and drop, time-based events, and is even responsive.

Packaged Apps

Oracle Application Express 5 includes a broad collection of point solutions called Packaged Apps. These are beautifully crafted and responsive Application Express applications that can be used out-of-the-box and are supported by Oracle. Examples include Project Tracking, Survey Builder, Meeting Minutes, and Group Calendar. There are 19 productivity applications in all. Additionally, there are 16 sample applications which are used to showcase the features of Oracle Application Express, from Sample Charts to Sample Data Loading. There's even a sample application demonstrating the powerful spatial capabilities present in every Oracle Database.