Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.0

New Features
December 2013

DDL Generation

Support for Code folding in DDL file editor

"Generate Valid Value Constraints" option to generate DDL without List of Values and Range of Values constraints

Option to split generated DDL in separate files

Option to include SQL*Plus Prompt command in generated DDL

Diagrams Option to show/hide classification types on diagrams in logical and relational models

Logical model:

 - "Resize to visible" works on hierarchical entities

 - Auto layout functionality for diagrams in logical model

Display "Comments in RDBMS" for Tables, Columns, Entities and Attributes on the diagram

"Show page grid" option is added

Engineering between Logical and Relational Added support for table_template during engineering to relational model

Subview can be used as selector of objects to be engineered from relational to logical model

General Design level preferences are moved to design dialog

Additional classification types can be set on entities and tables

Option to show external log file - View>External Log

Logical Model Sorting of attributes in entities – can be applied on Logical model, a group of selected entities and in entity dialog

Entities and attributes can be set as deprecated

Masking Mask templates can be defined and used in definition of columns with sensitive information.

Support for REDACTION policy definition on table and column level.

Support for Transparent Sensitive Data Protection (TSDP) policies:

- Sensitive types can be created and associated with domains, columns and attributes TSDP policies can be created and associated with sensitive types

Physical Model Oracle Support sub-partitioning for Hash partitions (Oracle 11g)

Added “Propagate Properties” functionality for users and roles

“Propagate Properties” functionality for table now also covers partitions

Propagate Properties option for Views, Procedures, Functions, Packages, Primary and Unique Keys

Physical Model Oracle 12c Database Support for IDENTITY Columns - with option to be implemented using sequence and trigger or new syntax for identity column

Option to generate DDL for an auto-increment column using a DEFAULT clause referring to the NEXTVAL of a Sequence

DEFAULT ON NULL clause for columns for explicit NULL insertion

Increased size limit for VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2 and RAW data types

Session sequences

Invisible columns

Import of Redaction and TSDP policy definitions form database

Redaction and TSDP policy definitions can be included in generated DDL

Printing "Print to PDF file" is added in "Print to Printer" functionality
Query Builder Added option to disable/enable auto join on FKs/Relationships in Query Builder
Relational Model View columns – added support for notes and comments

Tables and Columns can be set as deprecated

“Clear Source Stamp” can be applied on a group of selected objects – removes source information (database or DDL file) logged for selected objects

"Split relational model by schema name" wizard – to split large models into smaller models and transforming source model in read-only mode

Table - added support of Valid Time dimensions introduced in Oracle 12c Database - can be added, imported from Oracle 12c Database and generated in DDL

Reports Added SQL script for granting read only access to reporting repository

Standard reports – already created diagrams can be reused in next reports

Custom reports:

- Reports with two levels of details can be created for Entity, Table (relational model), Table (physical model Oracle), Structured type, Cube and  Dimension (in multidimensional model)

- Custom reports are available in functionality for standard reports (File>Reports)

Search Advanced mode:

 - Negation clause can be added to search expression

 - Search for empty value is supported

Versioning SVN 1.7 client is included