Deploying .NET Applications for Oracle Autonomous Database

Deployment steps for ODP.NET Core and Managed ODP.NET

Deploy .NET Core and managed ODP.NET applications to Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB). This tutorial shows you how using either Always Free or paid ADB.

How to Deploy


Download Client Wallet

  • Create an Oracle cloud account and provision an ADB instance. Click on these links to walk you through these steps if you have not already completes these tasks.
  • In your web browser, log into the Oracle Cloud service console and navigate to the Autonomous Transaction Processing or Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse instance.
  • Click on the DB Connection button. Then click the Download Wallet button.
  • Enter in a password, confirm the same password, and then click the Download button. Choose a location to download the zip file with the security credentials and network configuration files. These files will allow client access to Oracle Autonomous Database.
  • Unzip the zip file contents to a project directory in the .NET app. You will deploy this directory’s contents with your application.

Download ODP.NET

Configure, Deploy, and Run Your App

  • Set the TNS alias, username, and password to connect your .NET application to ADB. Set the TNS Admin and wallet location settings to the project directory where you placed the zip file contents. You can see examples how they are set in these managed ODP.NET samples.
  • Deploy your app and run.

Get Help or Provide Feedback

  • Visit the ODP.NET help forum to ask questions and provide feedback on connecting to ADB.

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