Oracle Database 23c Free VirtualBox Appliance

Updated: September 2023

Welcome to the Oracle Database 23c Free VirtualBox Appliance. This document describes how to install a virtual guest appliance that provides pre-configured Oracle software for your use.

This virtual machine contains:

  • Oracle Linux 8.8
  • Oracle Database 23.3 Free
  • Oracle REST Data Services 23.3
  • Oracle SQLcl 23.3
  • Oracle APEX 22.2


  • At least 4GB RAM.
  • At least 20GB of free space (Note: virtualization works best with contiguous space so it is a good idea if on Windows to run a defrag program, and make sure you are using NTFS for your file system to handle large files on Windows.)


  • Database Docs - 23c Free New Features Guide
  • Forums - Discussions with Oracle Database product team, other users, and provide feature feedback


Step 1. Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox on your host system.


Release Notes

size: 6,982,303,232 bytes

md5sum: 0ef19f77ef4f1f72c1bfbff7a2e781b8

sha1sum: ead4796babcb7b7968562a7cec5093e33d2d6f20

Step 2. Import your VM: File > Import Appliance to launch Appliance Import Wizard. Click Choose... to browse to the directory you re-assembled all the files in and select the Oracle_Database_23c_Free_Developer_Appliance.ova then click Next> to begin importing the virtual machine. It will prompt you to agree to the appropriate Oracle licenses while importing. You will see 'Oracle Database 23c Free Developer' when it is finished importing.

Step 3. Test your VM: Once the import has completed, double-click the 23c Free Developer VM. Click OK to close the Virtualbox Information dialogs. Allow the boot and startup process to complete; it is ready when you see a Firfox browser and/or terminal window. Once you are finished working in the guest VM you can shut it down via System > Shut Down; this will return the guest VM to the Powered Off state.