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Oracle Machine Learning Customers

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Oracle Machine Learning Customers

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UK NHS Business Services

“Oracle Advanced Analytics’ data mining capabilities and Oracle Exalytics’ performance really impressed us. The overall solution is very fast, and our investment very quickly provided value. We can now do so much more with our data, resulting in significant savings for the NHS as a whole.” 
– Nina Monckton, Head of Information Services, NHS Business Services Authority



Certegy is a leader in check payment services of more than $2 billion for over 4,000 clients and 23 of the top 50 US retailers. Oracle Autonomous Database provides a repository of 850 million records for statistical modeling, risk assessment and fraud detection by data scientists. Analytics, Machine Learning and APEX improved integration, data quality and performance over Microsoft PowerBI and Python. Certegy expects more accutare, real-time risk scores with an estimated 10% reduction in fraud and improved customer service.



"In order to meet today’s business needs and better serve our customers and improve their experience, it is important to embrace big data to enable new analytic capabilities and manage more information,” 
– Jordi Fontanals, chief operations officer (and former CIO) of CaixaBank in Barcelona, Spain, and winner of the Oracle Excellence Award for CIO of the Year—Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Forth Corporation

Forth Corporation Logo

Forth Smart is a FinTech business based in Thailand with more than 120,000 vending machines and uses the Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Machine Learning to better serve and target customers.
– Pawarit Ruengsuksilp, Business Development Analyst, Forth Corporation

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Deloitte Logo

"Clients are starting to think beyond simply delivering data management and operational reporting. Deloitte is working with client teams to give organizations the means to cross the chasm from operational reporting to true AI driven analytics. Ultimately, our goal is to help business leaders tackle today’s complex data-driven problems using solutions like the Oracle Database and integrated AI platforms."
– Richard Solari, Managing Director, Global Analytics and Cognitive Leader, Deloitte Consulting

Zagrebačka Bank

Zagrebacka Bank Logo

"With Oracle Advanced Analytics we execute computations on thousands of attributes in parallel—impossible with open-source R. Analyzing in Oracle Database without moving data increases our agility. Oracle Advanced Analytics enables us to make quality decisions on time, increasing our cash loans business 15%.” 
– Jadranka Novoselovic, Head of Business Intelligence Development, Zagrebačka Bank.

Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University Logo

"Institutions use a variety of technologies, both on premise and cloud. Hybrid environments often lack the ability to provide integrations across all enterprise resources. Choosing the right technology will enable you to continue developing data-driven solutions." 
-- Brian Haugabrook, Information Technology, Valdosta State University

DX Marketing

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"What we thought was going to take 6 months to a year took one month. We had it uploaded, we brought on a data scientist who could actually run the analytical tools (OAA) on that. And so, here we are with a world class database with two individuals who can put out analytical reports every single day of the week. It was a monstrous improvement!”
– Ray Owens, DX Marketing CEO


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"Big data is having a tremendous impact on how we run our business. Oracle Database and its various options, including Oracle Advanced Analytics, combine high-performance data-mining functions with the open source R language to enable predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, statistical analysis, advanced numerical computations, and interactive graphics, all inside the database." 
-- Mike Barber, Senior Manager of Data Science, StubHub