Oracle Database Gateway for DRDA

The Oracle Database Gateway for DRDA enables you to integrate DRDA server databases into your Oracle distributed environment. This gateway is part of a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to integrate heterogeneous applications and data stores.

Integrated DRDA and Oracle

The Oracle Database Gateway for DRDA (Distributed Relational Database Architecture) allows Oracle tools and applications to access DRDA servers. DRDA is OpenGroup's published architecture that defines connectivity among relational databases including DB2 for z/OS and OS/390, DB2/400, and DB2 Universal Database. With the gateway, these DRDA servers are accessible from any Oracle-supported platform and network environment.

Transparent Data Access

The Database Gateway for DRDA makes the IBM DRDA server look like a remote Oracle database. This enables users to access the IBM DRDA server using Oracle Structured Query Language (SQL) statements. The user does not need to be aware of the data's physical location, storage format, and operating environment. The Oracle Database Gateway for DRDA will automatically make all necessary data and SQL conversions.

Expanding DRDA Access

Client applications access the Oracle Database Gateway for DRDA via an Oracle Database. This extends Oracle's advanced database functions to your DRDA servers. For examples, you can perform distributed joins of Oracle tables and multiple DRDA server databases. Distributed transactions between an oracle Database and a DRDA server are even protected by Oracle's two-phase commit mechanism. The Gateway for DRDA also increases network configuration options for DRDA client systems. It uses TCP/IP protocols to communicate with DRDA servers.