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High Availability Customer Case Studies, Presentations, Profiles, Analyst Reports, and Press Releases

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Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA)
presentation Amadeus - MAA Amadeus Mission Critical Applications
presentation American Modern Insurance Group - Oracle MAA with database consolidation on Exadata
profile AmerisourceBergen - MAA with SAP on Oracle Exadata, Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, RMAN, Advanced Compression
presentation Autodesk - MAA for tier 1 apps (Siebel CRM and SAP ERP), RAC, Active Data Guard (cross country), RMAN, Flashback
presentation Bank of America - Applying MAA best practices to standard service level tiers - Oracle RAC, Data Guard, and GoldenGate
case study Beijing Mobile - MAA for database consolidation, Oracle RAC, Data Guard, RMAN, ASM, and GoldenGate for migration
profile Cannon - Oracle MAA (RAC, Active Data Guard, Oracle GoldenGate) on Exadata for IoT Services
podcast CARFAX - MAA for scalability and HA - Oracle RAC, ASM, Data Guard, Partitioning, Grid Control, Advanced Compression
presentation The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - HealthCare Database Consolidation and MAA using Exadata
case study Oracle Exadata in BioTech - Zero Downtime Expansion from Half-Rack to Full-Rack using MAA Best Practices
presentation Fidelity Investments - Comprehensive data protection using Flashback, on-disk RMAN backups, Data Guard, and tape
case study Garmin International - Exadata MAA for database consolidation with Oracle E-Business, Oracle RAC, ASM, Data Guard, RMAN
case study A Real-World Technical Case Study of a Global Manufacturer: E-Business Suite, Oracle Exadata, and Oracle MAA
presentation Great West Financial - Oracle MAA on Exadata
presentation Linkedin - Oracle MAA with Oracle GoldenGate and Active Data Guard, GoldenGate, and RMAN
presentation New York Stock Exchange - Oracle MAA and database consolidation with Oracle RAC, Data Guard and RMAN on Exadata
presentation Paychex - Exadata MAA with Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, GoldenGate, RMAN backup to ZFS, Flashback
presentation Samsung - Oracle Restart and Data Guard Fast Start Failover in the Cloud
presentation Scotiabank - MAA Best Practices for Client Failover - Oracle RAC and Active Data Guard with WebSphere and Oracle Universal Connection Pool
presentation Sherwin Williams - MAA for E-Business Suite and database consolidation, Exadata, Oracle RAC, Data Guard
press release Sky Television - Database Consolidation with Oracle RAC, Data Guard, Partitioning and Enterprise Manager
podcast State of Connecticut - Oracle MAA and Peoplesoft Applications: Data Guard, Oracle RAC, RMAN, ASM, Enterprise Manager
presentation Symantec - Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, Exadata Database Machine, zero downtime patching
presentation TDS Communications - Oracle Exadata MAA with Oracle RAC, ASM, Data Guard, and Recovery Manager (RMAN)
article Texas Dept of Information Resources - Consolidation on a Private Cloud with PeopleSoft, Exadata, Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, and Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
presentation Thomson Reuters - Service level driven MAA deployment patterns using Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, and GoldenGate
presentation Travelers - Oracle MAA for PeopleSoft on Exadata
presentation U.S.Cellular - GoldenGate for loading ODS, Data Guard for DR, RMAN for backup to ZFS, and Exadata Flash for performance
case study VocaLink - Exadata for mission critical OLTP with zero unplanned downtime and zero data loss HA/DR - Oracle RAC, ASM, Active Data Guard, RMAN
presentation Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute - MAA and Oracle Multitenant
case study, presentation WestJet - MAA on Exadata with Siebel, Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, RMAN, ASM, and Flashback
Global Data Services (GDS) presentation PayPal - Global Data Services with Oracle Database 12c
presentation Amway - Global Data Services with Oracle Multitenant, Oracle RAC, and Active Data Guard
Data Guard and Active Data Guard
presentation - Automatic failover using Fast-Start Failover
presentation - Active Data Guard in Oracle Database 11g
article Aon eSolutions - Oracle Database Appliance and Active Data Guard 11g
presentation Apple Inc - Active Data Guard 11g for data protection and to scale-out read performance
podcast Athenahealth - Active Data Guard 11g for HA/DR and to offload reporting
profile Computer Age Management Services - Offload reports and backups to 20TB standby database
presentation CERN - Active Data Guard for query offload, backup offload, and disaster recovery - Snapshot Standby for test
case study CERN - Technology refresh and database migration with minimal downtime
podcast, presentation Discover Financial Services - Active Data Guard 11g
presentation Enterprise Holdings - Active Data Guard 11g and Data Guard Fast-Start Failover - HA/DR Across 1,000 miles
case study Fannie Mae - High performance using SYNC and ASYNC redo transport
case study Garmin - Database Consolidation with Exadata Database Machine and Active Data Guard 11g
video HDFC Bank -  Data Guard for disaster recovery
profile Hunan Social Insurance Management and Service Bureau - Active Data Guard real-time HA/DR for pension insurance database
presentation Intel - HA and DR with Data Guard 11g Fast-Start Failover
podcast, presentation Intermap Technologies  - Using an Active Data Guard 11g standby for secure 24x7 Internet access
presentation JPMC - Active Data Guard 12c - Far Sync for Zero Data Loss at Any Distance
video Medscheme - E-Business Suite and Active Data Guard in healthcare
presentation MetLife - Active Data Guard 11g, DR and Reporting
case study, podcast, presentation MorphoTrak - Active Data Guard 11g and Fast-Start Failover
presentation Paychex - Active Data Guard 11g Implementation
presentation Real Networks - Using Active Data Guard 11g instead of Materialized Views to synchronize reporting instances
profile Swarovski and Company - DR protection for SAP R/3
presentation Thomson Reuters - Active Data Guard used for large data warehouses on Oracle Exadata
presentation United Parcel Service - Rolling database upgrades using Transient Logical Standby
presentation VocaLink - Active Data Guard 11g, zero data loss protection
profile Xactly - Active Data Guard 11g - Enhancing performance by offloading queries to a standby database
Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance presentation SK Hynix
presentation Brazilian Justice Tribunal of Santa Catarina
Recovery Manager (RMAN) presentation British Telecom - RMAN backups of Oracle Data Guard standby databases
presentation Bank of America - RMAN Incremental Backup and Compression Strategies to Reduce Backup Storage Footprint
presentation Dell - Backup & recovery using Oracle Database 11g
presentation Enkitec - How to Configure, Size, and Monitor the Oracle Database 11g Fast Recovery Area
presentation Fidelity Investments - Exadata Backup with RMAN
presentation Intel - Data Protection and High Availability Practices at High Tech Manufacturing
presentation JPMC - Real World Cross Platform Migration Using RMAN with Oracle 12c
presentation Nokia - The use of RMAN within Nokia's Oracle Database 11g MAA Architecture
presentation Starbucks - Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) VLDB backup and recovery architecture
presentation State Street Bank - RMAN, Exadata, and ZFS
presentation TDS Communications - Building and Maintaining Non-Production Databases using RMAN 11g
presentation Turkcell - Backup and recovery strategy for Oracle Database 11g
Oracle Secure Backup presentation CSX Technology - Oracle Secure Backup in an Enterprise Backup Architecture
presentation Azkar - Oracle Exadata & Oracle Secure Backup (OSB)
presentation Monsanto - Oracle Exadata & Oracle Secure Backup
case study Oracle Internal IT saves over $300,000 with Oracle Secure Backup
presentation Safricom - Converged Communications Provider using Oracle Secure Backup for D2D2T Strategy - Exadata and Sun ZFSSA

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