Oracle Backup Solutions Program (BSP)

What is the Backup Solutions Program?

Many organizations rely on Oracle to provide solutions for very large or highly distributed mission critical systems. In addition to needing databases capable of handling large amounts of data and complex queries, these organizations also need robust backup and recovery technology. Recovery of data quickly and reliably is paramount should some aspect of the system fail. To address these needs, Oracle has created the Backup Solutions Program (BSP), a cooperative program designed to facilitate tighter integration between Oracle's backup products and those of third-party media management vendors. Together, Oracle and media management vendors provide robust, easy-to-use database backup and recovery solutions to customers with high-end requirements.

Backup Solutions Through Partnership

Oracle designed an architecture that allows Oracle backup products to manage the process of database backup and recovery, yet integrates with industry-leading tape storage management subsystems. The interface between Oracle's products and media management vendor products is keyed on an Oracle design specification. This specification allows Oracle backup products to use third party media management software to back up to and restore from tape.

In this way, the robustness and expertise of both Oracle and the media management vendor is leveraged: Oracle drives the database backups, and the media management software provides the mechanism for managing the storage and retrieval of tape backups.

How to Become a Member

Becoming a member of BSP is the method with which third-party media management vendors receive the information, tools, and resources they require to develop the integration media management technology solutions for Oracle customers.

When using Oracle backup products, customers are able to choose from leading tape storage management systems provided by Backup Solutions Program member companies. Minimum requirement to become a BSP member or to maintain BSP membership is to be an active Oracle partner.

To receive more information on becoming a member, send an email to

Media Management Vendor Partners

Under the BSP, vendors are committed to integrating Recovery Manager (RMAN) with their media management software packages and provide first line technical support for the integrated backup and recovery solutions for Oracle RDBMS.

Following is the list of media management software vendors that have joined the Oracle Backup Solutions Program (BSP).

Company Product Contact Email address Contact Phone White Papers
Aishu AnyBackup Aaron Wang +86-400-880-1569
Asigra Inc. Asigra Cloud Backup Eran Farajun 416- 736- 8111 x1801 Asigra Home
Chengdu Vinchin Technology Co., Ltd. Vinchin Backup & Recovery Luwen Zhang
CommVault Systems QiNetix Galaxy B/R Audrey DeNovio 732-870- 4651
Cohesity Cohesity Appliance
Druva Phoenix 1-800-375-0160 Phoenix for Oracle

eCloud Data Backup

Penny Mao


EMC Disk Library

EMC Networker

EMC Avamar

EMC DD Boost for RMAN

Tom Papadakis

Shailesh Manjrekar

905-315- 4707

408-421- 4214

HP Data Protector

US: 877-686- 9637

EMEA: +08-70- 013- 0790

Hitachi Vantara Ops Center Protector 1-800-446-0744
Information2 i2Backup Chen Wang +86-400-6178-601
Quantum Corporation DXi Backup Appliances Steve Wright (800) 677-6268
Infinidat Infiniguard 1-855-900-4634 White Papers
Rubrik Rubrik Cloud Data Management 1-844-4RUBRIK Oracle Solution Page
Scutech Corporation



James (Zijun) Wang +86-400-0033-191 Paper
Shanghai Suninfo Information Technology ADM Capricorn (Gang) Dang +86-400-880-5062


Backup Exec


CxLink Backup

Guillermo Torres +34 937379678 CxLink Backup Doc
Veeam Backup & Replication 800-774-5124