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Oracle VM (.ova file) Available with NoSQL Database Community Edition

Community Edition 

Oracle NoSQL Database Community Edition (CE) software is licensed pursuant to the Apache 2.0 License (Apache 2.0). The Apache 2.0 License can be viewed at this location or in the downloaded software.

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Enterprise Edition

Oracle NoSQL Database, Server

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Oracle NoSQL Database Server Example Code
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Oracle NoSQL Database Drivers

The Oracle NoSQL Database Driver are licensed pursuant to the Apache 2.0 License (Apache 2.0) and are used with both the Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE). The Apache License and third party notices for the Oracle NoSQL Database Drivers may be viewed at this location or in the downloaded software.

Below is a matrix of the supported combination of released Server version and released Driver version.

Oracle NoSQL Database Drivers

Driver Version Oracle NoSQL Database Server 19.1 Oracle NoSQL Database Server 18.3 Oracle NoSQL Database Server 18.1 Oracle NoSQL Database Server 4.5 Oracle NoSQL Database Server 4.4
Java Driver 19.1
Java Driver 18.3
Java Driver 18.1  
Java Driver 4.5    
Java Driver 4.4      
Java Script Driver 18.1
Java Script Driver 4.5
Java Script Driver 4.4      
Python Driver 18.1
Python Driver 4.5
Python Driver 4.4      
C# Driver 18.3
C# Driver 18.1
C# Driver 4.5
C-Key Value Driver 4.5
C-Key Value Driver 4.4
C-Table Driver 18.1
C-Table Driver 4.5
C-Table Driver 4.4

Java Driver

The Java Driver for Oracle NoSQL Database is included in the Community Edition or the Enterprise Edition download

C Table Driver Source and Examples

C# Driver

JavaScript Driver

Python Driver

C Key-Value Driver

Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Eclipse Plugin


C Driver binary installations are provided for download and installation on 64-bit Linux systems that support RPM- and Debian-based installation. The binaries include the necessary files to build and run a C or C++ application. The library included with the binary distributions is statically linked and has no external dependencies other than C and C++ compilers. It includes C++ runtime code, so it needs to be linked using a C++ compiler such as g++. The binary distributions bundle the Java runtime files necessary to run the proxy server required by this driver.

By default these binaries will be installed in /usr/local, adding files to /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include. The package name is kv-c-driver.

RPM binary

  1. kv-c-driver-4.4.6-0.x86_64.rpm
  2. This binary will work on a 64-bit Linux system

  1. Download and install using
  2. $ sudo yum install kv-c-driver-4.4.6-0.x86_64.rpm

  1. Uninstall using
  2. $ sudo yum remove kv-c-driver

Debian binary

  1. kv-c-driver_4.3.10-0_amd64.deb
  2. This binary will work on a 64-bit Linux system

  1. Download and install using
  2. $ sudo dpkg -i kv-c-driver_4.3.10-0_amd64.deb

  1. Uninstall using
  2. $ sudo dpkg -r kv-c-driver

When using a binary installation no build is necessary other than compilation of the application. See the "Using the static library" section of Build and run your application.

General documentation can be found in the “C Driver for Tables” section of the documentation.

Documentation can be found in the source download package, as well as online.

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